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The Rabid Conservative’s Letter to his new President

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The Rabid Conservative’s Letter to his new President

As difficult as this letter is to write by one who is as adamantly against everything you and your party stands for, I wish you the greatest congratulations on your becoming the next President of the United States.

Tonight, I will take note that this is a hallmark achievement for civil rights. It proved that anyone, no matter their station is able to rise to the highest level if they have the desire and support to do it. But what I say, Mr. Obama, is that, first, this race thing has to stop, on the white side as well as on the black side. Your former pastor, Jeremiah Wright as well as people like Louis Farrakan now must cease their anti-white rhetoric and start understanding that we are not black or white – we are the human race and we are Americans. I will say it again, that we are not black Americans or white Americans, but Americans. You are uniquely positioned to state these things, if you personally have the will to do it. I will pray that you find the will to do that.

I pray that you will look to the Lord God in Heaven for your ultimate direction, rather than those that surround you who do not respect Him. I pray, against what I see and hear from those to whom you are closest, that you will respect life wherever you find it, whether it be growing in a mother’s womb or on a battlefield. I pray against what I see and hear from those to whom you are closest that you will protect the traditional family as God Himself has established and ordained and eschew that which is an abomination. If you truly believe in the same Lord as I, you would do this with every fiber of your being.

As a conservative, Mr. President-Elect, I am fearful tonight, now more than ever. I’m fearful that many of the ideas festering in the Democratic Party will come to fruition and deprive me and my children of the liberties that I presently enjoy. I am fearful that we will be deprived of my hard earned treasure that I use to feed, clothe, and educate my family outside the public school system, a system that has failed our children because of it’s decision to ignore God. I am fearful that you will do nothing to protect those who have opposing views, but instead, through government mandate, require people who dissent to give up their voice in the interest of balance and fairness. I am fearful that your party will do everything in its power to force the education of my children in ways that do not honor the Lord.

I pray that you will not surrender the values of our nation that we have enjoyed throughout our history to appease those who refuse to believe in the real ideals of integrity and service that made this country great. I pray that when you make decisions, you don’t make them because they are popular, but because they are upright and correct, seeded in the will of Almighty God.

Tonight, we conservatives now enter into exile, dismissed with those who have ruined the conservative opportunity – those who have claimed the mantle of conservative position, but have lied to you as well as us. Sure, we’ll help where we can, but I’m deeply afraid that you will not accept the help that we offer unless we, in exchange for a seat at the table, sacrifice the ideals that we hold dear. We will be required to forget the idea of pro-life, strong national defense, fiscal responsibility in order to participate. You talk about healing our land and our people, but to do that, you will have to do something that you have never done in your career – reach out to the other side of your belief. I will pray that you gain the courage to do that.

I will now support you, Mr. Obama to one limitation: that whatever you do will be in accordance to the will of God and the tenets of His Holy Word. You can expect my disobedience if your policies require me to subjugate God’s will for me to fulfill them. If ever placed in a decision to honor God or honor you and the country you lead, I will honor God. Because this I know, Mr. Obama, that while the USA is the greatest nation on earth, it is not greater than God and as the last chapters of the Revelation teach, it will eventually fall under control of anti-christ before being truly liberated by the only King of Perfect Rule, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will crush His enemies with a rod of iron and rule the world with mercy and true hope.

Mr. President-Elect, as you said tonight, you have the opportunity now to make the changes that you have promised to the American people. You have made the promises. We will see that you either keep them or be condemned for breaking them. We may go into exile tonight, but we are watching and listening to everything you and your party does and says. Tonight, the Democratic Party takes ownership and responsibility for it all. I sincerely hope that you can deliver on your promise to fix the problems of this nation. But you also, with that ownership, get to reap the success and bear the responsibility for failure.

Your time has come, but I’m afraid that those of your party are not ready to lead. And, as your Vice-President has said before, the Presidency does not lend itself to on-the-job training. The American people have spoken, whether intelligently or unintelligently. Take this time now to learn from history, from the mistakes of your predecessors, and purpose in your heart that, by God’s power, you will learn from them.

I will also pray for my own solace and healing. You were not my choice and writing this letter is not at all easy. I am angry and feel betrayed. I feel like the America that I love will be replaced with an America that I do not recognize, filled with unholiness and immorality, ravaged by socialistic ideas, and capitulative to those who would do us harm. Your ideas may work and I pray they have the effects you are promising. I am not confident in that. It’s up to you to restore that confidence for me now – if you can.

May God bless and keep you and your family. And my God bless America.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick A. Butler
The Rabid Conservative


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 4, 2008 at 11:35 pm

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