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The Conservative Underground: Day 3

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Well folks, the Prop 8 ballyhoo continues with the liberals throwing up demonstrations and in some places, a bit of rioting in San Francisco. In fact, the mayor of SFO has vowed to fight the legality of Prop 8 along with the ACLU and the Equality California crowd, appealing to have the amendment struck down by judicial fiat – the only way that the gays really get anywhere.

This is how liberals react when the law doesn’t play their way. The people voted and the gays are in the minority. Democracy has spoken. I guarantee that if Prop 8 had failed, the gays would have hailed it as a victory for democracy as well as gay rights. It’s not a victory for gay rights, but it is, once again, a victory for democracy. Liberals can’t accept that. They hate democracy when it doesn’t go their way.

So, Melissa Ethridge on her blog yesterday announced that since Prop 8 passed, she feels the state of California no longer considers her a full citizen. Because of that, she has stated that she is no longer going to pay taxes, inciting civil disobedience.

What if all the Christians said, “for every state where civil unions and gays are still legal, we’re not paying taxes”. The left would call us all hatemongers (which of course, they do that anyway). Yet, it’s OK for Ms. Etheridge to break the law now because she doesn’t consider herself a full citizen.

What she doesn’t get (or care to get) is that if you are in this country, as a citizen or as a guest, visitor, even illegal alien, you are subject to the laws and regulations of the United States. Even Green Card holding guest workers, who are not citizens and have no protections as a citizen under the US constitution still have to pay taxes by law.

Well, Ms. Etheridge, go ahead and start your policy on tax evasion and we’ll see just how long it takes before the IRS clamps down on you. (or maybe you want to ask Wesley Snipes if tax evasion is a good idea?)

I guess the point to remember is that no matter how democracy goes, no matter which way the chips fall, the most important thing to understand is that the will of the people must be protected.

It’s OK to disagree, just don’t do it by being disagreeable.

Need a reminder? Have a Coke and watch this commercial from the Super Bowl.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 7, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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