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The Conservative Underground: Day 7

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Well, it’s been a week since the elections and as I watch the campaign signs disappear from the roadsides, the yards, the trees, I breathe in and try to relax a little. All the stress will drive one stark-raving mad. In any case, here are my notes for today. Happy reading!

1. The anti-Prop 8 folks are still at it, doing whatever they can do to rip down Prop 8, a voter approved amendment to the constitution by saying that because it wasn’t legislature approved first, the voters had no right to vote on it.

Let me restate. Opponents are saying that, because Proposition 8 wasn’t passed by the California Assembly FIRST before going to the voters, the measure is illegal. They say that the California Constitution cannot be amended as it was without the entire legislature involved, because it would require a complete rewrite of the California Constitution.

Problem is, Article 18 of the California Constitution says that the Electors may amend the constitution by initiative. According to California Elections Code, Section 321, an Elector is any person over the age of 18 and a resident of the precinct for 15 days prior to the election.

But yet, the anti-Prop 8 people believe that the voters have no right to amend their constitution in the way that Prop 8 does and say that a half-million votes isn’t enough “majority” to amend the constitution, citing homosexuals as a constitutionally protected minority group.

Now, the definition of a minority group is a class of people that is defined by virtue of being born. For example, blacks are born with dark skin – they cannot choose to change that. Homosexuals on the other hand can choose to be gay or not, for no credible study yet has ever surfaced that traces sexual orientation back to the womb. (and I challenge anyone out there to provide a link to such findings).

As Frank Shubert, manager of the Prop 8 campaign says, “It’s a Hail Mary”.

2. Looks like the Minnesota senatorial race between Coleman and Franken is pretty ripe for election fraud. For those that aren’t watching, the incumbent, Norm Coleman is defending his seat from challenger Al Franken (yes, the same liberal hack that failed as a comedian, failed as a talk show host on Air America, and now is running for a senate seat.) The results as of Thursday are razor thin, around 730 in favor of Coleman.

However, since election day, some 500 votes have mysteriously turned up in the light of typographical errors at polling places (all of which seem to be going for Al Franken), yet, there hasn’t been a single recount yet.

Watch this one carefully, folks, because the Dems are doing everything they can to get as close to 60 seats in the Senate as possible.

3. Obama Derangement Syndrome? – One thing I want to stress is that the left’s treatment of President Bush over the last eight years has been nothing short of disgraceful. From the near disrespectful satire of Comedy Central’s “That’s My Bush” that aired in 2001 before 9/11 hit, to all the “Bush Lied People Died” bumper stickers, and the “He’s not my president” rancor, the left wing should be very ashamed for its treatment of our sitting president.

George Bush didn’t do everything right in my opinion either. The medicare drug thing, the Dubai ports deal…sheesh..those where huge gaffes. But he did do a great work pulling the country through the last eight years and we all, left or right, should honor him for that.

Obama, in January, will be my president too. And I will honor him as my president, with my prayer as well as my support. I will oppose him where I see his policy as wrong and won’t do it with insulting bumper stickers or statements about how much I hate the man. Conservatives need to not validate the left’s treatment of President Bush by mistreating President Obama when he gets into office.

I’ve received some ugly comments from (not surprisingly) liberals who can’t form cogent opinions, but rather, use their freedom of speech to spill out hateful rhetoric, calling me a Bible-thumping homophobe or other insults. It’s amazing that, even when they win, liberals still spout out hate.

Since my blog is moderated by me, comments that insult me, my parentage, my pets, or my God will never see the light of day. You might as well not even waste yours or my time.

Now to those that have a differing opinion, who can disagree without being disagreeable or even a concurring opinion: I’m cool if you want to provide a comment that’s respectful and insightful, that represents clear thinking and respectful engagement of the issues. If you show respect and intellectual honesty in your comments, I’ll approve them.

We don’t have room in the marketplace of ideas for rotten produce, no matter which way it goes.

From deep within the bunker,



Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 11, 2008 at 11:27 am

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