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In Short – News Gone Bankrupt

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Well, dig this…

Today, Times Co., owner of the New York Times and Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times have reported they are in financial straits. The Times is borrowing $225 million against its big beautiful building in Manhattan while Tribune Co. is filing for bankruptcy protection because its owner is $13 billion in the hole.

No big surprise there – after all, the Times, (NY and LA), as well as the Chi-Trib have been journalistically bankrupt for years with all the liberal leaning nonsense that’s unfit to print.  I guess cash follows rhetoric.

Or is there some other reason why Air (head) America can’t compete with Rush, Sean, and Glenn?  Maybe it’s because no one wants to hear their garbage – so they have to have the FCC”s help to upend the table so they get their share.

Advice: Make a newspaper that people, left and right wing, actually want to read. Advertisers won’t buy ad space if your lousy publications aren’t in the faces of people.

After all, people can always roll up their dead fish in white paper, rather than old newsprint.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 8, 2008 at 12:09 pm

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