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Tech Mage – Delay the Digital TV Deadline?

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As you may know, Feb 17, 2009 is the day that the last of the analog TV broadcasts will be piped over the air.  For the last three years, TV stations have been broadcasting the heads up that, after Feb 17, you’ll need a digital receiver if you use bunny ears on an analog TV.  While this is a good thing, really the best thing to innovate TV since it came out in the ’50’s, the deadline approaches and now, people are getting cold feet about the switch.

Turns out, the Consumers Union is pushing Congress to delay the cut over, because the government didn’t properly tell people about the switch over and a lot of people will be without TV. They’re clamoring about how people who need their $40 Digital converter subsidy are now on a waiting list to get it done and people just have no idea what to do.

This is what happens when the lowest common denominator among the population has to be appeased before anything gets done.  Essentially, we have to delay a project because people are two dumb to understand that they have to do something to continue getting TV after the 17th of February.

I say, just do the switch.

How long has this been coming? How many YEARS have TV stations been telling us to be ready for Feb 17, to get your digital converter box?  But yet, there are still hordes of people who are ill-prepared, not paying attention to the deadline.

So, the government will spend more money to advertise to these folks how they can still get TV and pump a couple more billion into making sure these sheep have their digital boxes before the new deadline (if they don’t delay again because the people weren’t paying attention).  More tax dollars shelled out because people didn’t pay attention to what has been coming down the pipe.  And once again, those who were prudent and prepared for changes now have to pay for those who weren’t.

The writer of the article that I reference mentions that those for a delay believe that, in a recessed economy, people shouldn’t have to shell out their own money to stay tuned in, particularly when this is a government move. Instead, the government will shell it out and it will be another year or more before we go forward.

And in the spirit of Conservative Rabitity: And we want the government to run our healthcare?  They can’t even manage this on time and within budget…kinda like that Capital Visitor’s Center thing…



Hart, K. (2008) Congress Urged To Postpone Nation’s Switch To Digital TV.  Washington Post. Online.


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January 8, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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  1. So our fair cities will spend another few months and millions of dollars on these procrastinators who’ve refused to get their TV’s ready (and don’t even tell me people didn’t know about this… it’s been coming down the pipe for a DECADE)

    And while our TV viewing habits keep on keeping on as they have since the 50s, other projects to advance ourselves technologically are stalled. Who wouldn’t love to see municiple WiFi in major cities? Going to be hard to do with analog signals jamming up the airwaves.


    January 27, 2009 at 5:51 pm

  2. Hi Jason – Admittedly, I haven’t bought my DTV converter yet. I’m a procrastinator too, however, it’s not because I don’t know what’s coming or think it shouldn’t happen. It’s because I’ve just not gone out to get it. But, full speed ahead…I’m not asking for a subsidy for a converter box and not asking the deadline be held up.

    Thing is, when you feed the entitlement crowd, they care about the ‘here-and-now’ not about tomorrow.


    January 28, 2009 at 11:07 am

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