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The Conservative Underground – Day 75

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I am so sick of hearing about this inauguration.  I’m already going to boycott the whole darned thing, since nothing new will come out of it.  We think we’re getting a new president, full of fresh ideas on change and hope, but all I see is the same stuff that made up the Clinton hype back in 1992, when Der Schlick was playing his saxophone on MTV and VH1 in order to enamor the dumbkopfs who elected him based on feelings, rather than cogent policy.   While Obama isn’t the same as Bush, he’s quite the same as Clinton.  So, all we’ve done is pushed the ball back to the liberal faction for a ‘more-of’-the-left’s-same’.

In 2005, the Associated Press slammed George Bush’s $40 million inauguration party and parade, saying that it was far too pricey. In fact, AP writer Will Lester griped about “better uses” for the money, saying it should go to getting armor on Humvees in Iraq, sending it to tsunami victims, or even paying down the national debt (like 40 million would even make a dent in the national debt).  Lester argued, “The questions have come from Bush supporters and opponents: Do we need to spend this money on what seems so extravagant?”

Here’s an excerpt of the slam: Click Here

But where are the likes of Will Lester now?  Well, Associated Press has yet to release a single contrary argument about B. Hussein’s $45 million party, five mill more than Bush’s, and that’s not counting the security for the sheer record numbers of groupies that show up to gush all over the Ba-rockstar.

Some things never change, even for a president who argued a platform of change. Yet as I’ve blogged before and many others have reported, the Obama administration is filling up with many of the same old lackies that had a prominent role during the Clinton years.

Obama stated, “We can’t take the same old politics and the same old players and expect a different result”. But yet, we see that stance is contrary that.

Here’s a short-list of recycles:

– Leon Pinetto – CIA  – Chief of Staff under Clinton
– Rahm Emanuel – Chief of Staff – Senior Advisor under Clinton
– Robert Reich – Economy Advisor – Sec Labor under Clinton
– Eric Holder – Attorney General – Deputy Attorney General under Clinton
– Cheryl Browner – Environmental Advisor  – Ran EPA under
– Susan Rice – UN Ambassador – Deputy Secretary of State under Clinton
– Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State – Former First Lady under Clinton, Democrat Senator
– Tom Daschle – Secretary of HHS – Former Senate Minority Leader

So, I guess we’re just about ready to say, Barack Hu-same Obama.  And to think, they called McCain, McSame.

Washington was right – and we just didn’t listen to him.



Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 18, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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