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TRC – Mourning for Detroit

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Lately, in my research, a number of things have popped up regarding the City of Detroit, MI.  While one or two things in a city usually are normal, for some reason, the name “Detroit” kept coming up in my research.  So, I decided to chronicle what I found, do a little bit more research, and show what happens when liberalism and labor unions with a chokehold on the state government will do to a once great city of the USA.

1. Literacy Rate – This week, I found a very startling statistic. In Metro Detroit, currently, there is a staggering 47% illiteracy rate in the city. This means nearly one in every TWO people cannot read.  Michigan’s largest city with nearly 1,000,000 people has 450,000 people who are illiterate.  One would wonder how many of the 830,000 vote difference in Michigan between Barack Obama and John McCain was made up of people who were unable to read, research the issues, and make informed decisions based on facts, rather than emotional response.

2. People die and no one cares – This week, I found articles (example) talking about some poor soul who was frozen in three feet of ice; only his feet were protruding.  It’s bad enough that anyone dies this way, encased in ice for weeks, but life went on around him, as if the people seeing this didn’t care about the guy.

3. Houses stripped of their raw metals – This is older news, but because of the recessed housing market, houses like this one mentioned, the notorious $1 house, more houses are being ripped apart for their raw materials.  Copper pipes removed, siding ripped off, carted down the streets in wheel barrows where it can be sold to scrap dealers and recycle facilities.  Short of the ‘we’ll pay you to take it over’ mentality, houses are being abandoned and then stripped by thieves.

4. Forbes-rated The Most Miserable City – Detroit was rated the nation’s Most Miserable City by Forbes for 2008.  The highest level of violent crime, second-highest in unemployment, often adopting the mantle of “US Murder Capital”, Detroit’s plight often holds national attention in cliché. 

5. Education Failure – It’s not for lack of money. Detroit, on average, spends $11,400 per pupil during 2007-2008 and graduates just 20% of blacks and 17% of whites that go through the school system.  In fact, if you read the previous article about the guy frozen to death in the warehouse, that warehouse used to contain school supplies that were left to rot rather than handed out to the kids.

6. Political Corruption – Just this year, September 18, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned from office after a very tumultuous political career as the city’s youngest mayor. Shortly after his departure from office, he was sentenced to four months in jail and a million dollar fine on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury, and misconduct in office.  He was disbarred, required to surrender his legislator pension, and put on probation for five years.

What the heck is going on in Motown? 

This is what happens when the Democrats, liberals, and labor unions keep a GOP mayor from being elected since 1961.  Middle-class people are forced out of town by riots, leaving behind a cesspool of people who’s only hope is the millions of dollars in government dependency that is dumped in, with no motivation to bring this failure out of the rubble.

If you want to see what happens when liberals control something for long periods of time, look in Detroit. 

In closing, have a listen to Mr. Newt Gingrich’s comments regarding Detroit and understand – this is the product of liberalism.  Conservatism has been completely shut out of the Detroit system for the last fifty years – and one of the countries great cities has fell into ruin.

And like Newt says, no liberal will dare talk about Detroit, because there is no excuse other than liberal failure policies breeding entitlement and dependency.  This is a time to mourn, because more of this will follow if we adopt our new President’s liberal agenda.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 30, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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