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Face or Space?  In the war of the social networking sites, the two major players for control of the market share are finding that the gap is narrowing. It used to be that MySpace was dominate and everything else was marginal.  However, according to a recent report from online researcher comScore, Inc. Facebook has doubled the number of unique hits that MySpace has – 222 million last month as opposed to MySpace’s 125 million.  This is huge, considering that just eight months ago, the numbers were at a statistical dead heat.  MySpace is still more popular in the US, 75.9 million to Facebook’s 55 million, but that number is closing.  Facebook can attribute it’s success to the fact that Facebook is more of a global network than MySpace is, notwithstanding MySpace seems stuck in the music culture, rather than the general network culture.

This TechMage enjoys Facebook. He also cannot stand MySpace.  So in seeing the numbers of Facebook’s increased popularity, I’m pleased to write this article and to give a few reasons of why I can’t stand MySpace.

1. MySpace, riddled with wanna-be webmasters who clutter up their pages with so much cyber-bling that the page/profile becomes unwieldy. MySpace’s horrible layouts and the general users overzealous use of every web element ever invented makes MySpace, someone else’s space, rather than mine.  There’s nothing more annoying than to visit someone’s profile only to have to wait for five full minutes while all the DHTML elements load, the streaming music plays, and all the stupid glitter photos appear.  It’s beyond insane.  I don’t think I’ve ever waited for someone’s profile to ever fully load before clicking the red X and going off to do something else.

2. Facebook is far better for business and commercial social networking than MySpace is. Relating to the first issue, Facebook doesn’t spend copious amounts of user time with personal profile embellishment, but rather, focuses on communication with other people.  The people that I talk to, who use MySpace, seem to spend hours making sure their profiles are just right.  Facebook doesn’t get into that.  You have photos and info, but Facebook’s content is built on communication.  MySpace’s isn’t in all points.

3. Facebook requires you to be a real person to use it.  This is far better for me than WhoInTheHeck’sSpace. While many people do use their real identities out there, MySpace doesn’t lend itself to finding people. Facebook is about finding people and linking up with them.  It takes more work with MySpace.

But as much as I like Facebook and abhor MySpace, I do see a few areas where Facebook can improve.

1. Facebook’s support for IE8. I really don’t know if this is a Microsoft thing or a Facebook thing, but Microsoft’s new browser is not Facebook friendly. Chat didn’t work in the IE8 Beta and posting comments in the first Release Candidate is painfully slow.  Right now, I have to use Firefox for Facebook, but I typically am an IE guy – I’m not big on Firefox for my own use.  I hope this is fixed in the final cut of IE8 or FB does something to ensure browser compliance.

2. Install a true blogging tool.  My primary use for Facebook is so I can communicate with friends and work the grassroots politically and socially for my right-wing agenda.  Facebook has Notes, but that’s not as functional a blog tool as I’d like.  Applications like Blog or LiveBlog don’t announce new entries to the News Feed and it’s a crapshoot if they show up on the Wall.  I get visibility to the Wall using WordPress’s Facebook app, but that’s a hack through Notes.  Either way, it doesn’t make a good blog integration; I’m still looking though and hoping FB will fix it.

3. Inability to control the kinds of ads that come through.  While I don’t like all the misleading Obama-will-give-you-free-money ads, I would rather not see any ads with inappropriate content.  However, some of these ads just don’t belong on FB.  They would do well to screen the types of ads that you see.

Facebook has come a long way in a short span of time and it’s my opinion that MySpace will be overtaken in 12 months.  And, at the risk of sounding unbiased in this write-up, I must say, I’m not at all broken up over it.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 2, 2009 at 5:35 pm

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