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TRC – April Fool: No Tax Cut For You

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In a previous entry, I cited a broken campaign promise of how Obama said that no family making more than $250k and no individual making more than $200k would see any tax increase.

Normally, when a politician says no to tax increases, it implicitly refers to income tax.  But Obama said, “any of your taxes”.  However, he jacked up the tax on tobacco nearly 62¢ per pack of cigarettes.  Given that far more people on the low end of the salary scale tend to smoke, that means a tax increase on those making less than $200k.

Here’s a news article, if you want to go deeper on the topic.

Now, it’s generally a foregone that politicians will tell you whatever you want to hear to urge you towards pulling the lever for them.  We’re not supposed to trust what they say, pretty much Ronald Reagan made this statement:

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.  – Ronald Reagan

Now, for my next prediction, and one that is not unique, since it’s been stated before as pie-in-the-sky cite this campaign promise:

Obama: If elected president, 95% of Americans will see a tax cut.

Reporter: When will Americans see that tax cut, Mr. President?

Obama: By April 1. (see article)

April fool.

First off, there’s no way Americans will see a tax cut in the absolute of terms, which is what Americans are thinking.  Next year, the Bush tax cuts will disappear.  For those of us who enjoy that wonderful tax reduction for having kids, that goes away.  For me, I have three wonderful kids, and the government reduces my tax by $3k because of that tax credit.  With the abolition of the Bush tax cuts, those reductions get rolled back and I’m stuck paying a minimum of $3k more per year on taxes.  And then Obama says, we’ll give you a $500 tax cut.  Yippie.  That’s a net increase of $2500 in taxes.

When he made the statements to Joe the Plumber about how his plan was to help the middle class, he was clueless about how much tax the middle class actually pays.  But yet, it’s all good rhetoric when appealing to the masses.  But it’s all an illusion.

After it’s all said and done, Obama’s tax agenda makes April Fools out of all of us, and particularly those who make larger amounts of money – those that create businesses and employ those of us not lucky enough to make $250k per year.

And we didn’t think ObamAd, Inc. had a plan for that $1.75T budget shortfall.

April fool.


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April 1, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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