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TRC – My New Hero: Daniel Hannan

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Prime Minister, you cannot carry on, squeezing the productive bit of the economy to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit.  You cannot spend your way out of recession nor can you borrow your way out of debt. – Daniel Hannan before the European Parliament, scolding PM Gordon Brown over his spending.

Most of the readers of The Rabid Conservative are right here in the good ol’ USA, so y’all may not be totally aware of what is being said in Europe or anywhere else.  But amidst the overly socialistic nature of the European Union, strangely being replicated here in the US, we see one who is actually a real live conservative.

Daniel Hannan a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the South East of England and is one of the most exciting voices to speak out against the insane spending of world leaders like PM Gordon Brown and our own ObamAd, Inc. 

Last week, Mr. Hannan had some words for Mr. Brown on the floor of the EU Parliament.  In the following video, Hannan remarks struck nerves and ended up going viral and becoming the most viewed video in England, a day after it was released to the internet.


I guess the thing that is most notable here is that Mr. Hannan, while a new voice on the scene with a conservative message, ended up grabbing the media’s attention.  Hannan has been on most every major talk and news show in the US as a champion for reduced government spending.  We often which our media would air these kinds of comments from our more conservative politicians since it tells the other side of the more accepted liberal message. 

Mr. Hannan’s Blog is definitely worth the read and gives a unique perspective of politics from an external view.  Since our own media can’t be trusted with getting the story right, and even our internal reporters sometimes make it very difficult for us to put conservatism in a global perspective, folks like Daniel Hannan are worth reading and understanding.

Hannan’s my new hero.  He’s not much more than a year older than I am, but seems to have a good way of saying what needs to be said to Mr. Brown.  I just wish we would have a few people in our political scene who would be less political and more convicted.  Until then, preach it, Brother Hannan!


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April 6, 2009 at 10:12 pm

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