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In Short – Pirates Killed, Captain Free, No Real Thanks to Obama

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Well, the Somali pirates have been taken care of – the way it should have been done and Captain Richard Phillips, as of 12:30pm today is a free man.

Turns out Captain Phillips took another jump out of the lifeboat on which he was being held while one of the four bad guys holding him was negotating his release. That pirate got put into jail after Navy SEAL’s dispatched the other three when they decided to try and cap Phillips.

Meanwhile, the White House sat back and monitored the situation. In fact, Obama avoided answering any questions regarding the situation numerous times.

While Obama had to give the order for any military action, it was the Navy SEAL’s who popped up and killed the pirates before they could pull their triggers. Go Navy! Up to that, Obama did nothing, avoiding the issue. But as soon as the approval rating was sinking, Obama did something about it, or more correctly, he let someone else get it done.

Well, since we’re talking about pirates and not doing anything, I am reminded of a song from VeggieTales that, with my near warped mind that I shall now share with you:

I am the President who won’t do anything
I just stay at home, with lies abound
And if you ask me to do anything, Ill just tell you
I won’t do anything.

Well I’ve never balanced a budget
and I’ve never fought a liberal
and I never have been ready for that 3AM call
I have never been supportive
of wholesome Godly values
But at least I’ve been to Boston in the fall.

(hat tip to the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Big Idea Productions)


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 12, 2009 at 12:51 pm

5 Responses

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  1. What part about this quote from the NY Times do you have trouble with?

    “Two of the captors had poked their heads out of a rear hatch of the lifeboat, exposing themselves to clear shots, and the third could be seen through a window in the bow, pointing an automatic rifle at the captain, who was tied up inside the 18-foot lifeboat, senior Navy officials said.

    It took only three remarkable shots — one each by snipers firing from a distance at dusk, using night-vision scopes, the officials said. Within minutes, rescuers slid down ropes from the Bainbridge, climbed aboard the lifeboat and found the three pirates dead. They then untied Captain Phillips, ending the contretemps at sea that had riveted much of the world’s attention. A fourth pirate had surrendered earlier.”

    The man was tied up. It was an enclosed capsule. What, exactly, was your plan? Oh yeah… just go in guns a-blazin’.

    Meanwhile, the Pirates were in communication with other pirates via sat-phones.

    You wanted Obama to do what??? To tell what the plan was?

    This blog entry fails in so many ways.


    April 13, 2009 at 10:59 am

  2. >> What part about this quote from the NY Times do you have trouble with?

    Well, first, because it was from the New York Times. I offer that rubbish no credibility, mostly because it’s so biased to the left wing that objective journalism is beyond them.

    Second, the Times stated in this quote, “riveted much of the world’s attention”. However, when asked for a quick statement by a reporter for a comment on the situation, Obama’s answer was:

    “Guys, we’re talking about housing right now.”

    What, could not Obama have taken five seconds to say something that would have demonstrated that the situation was “riveting Obama’s attention”?

    >> You wanted Obama to do what???

    Show some real solidarity and confidence, something that can easily be done without ever revealing a single detail about a military operation. Every time Obama was asked about the situation, he avoided it like the plague. He didn’t want to comment on it. All it would have taken was for him to say something positive and encouraging. Perhaps something he could weave into more of his faerie-magic:

    “I applaud the bravery of the crewmembers who risked their lives to retake their vessel. This is the kind of American ‘can-do’ attitude that will help us overcome any obstacle, here and abroad.”

    “Our hearts and prayers are with Captain Phillips at this time. I will be addressing the matter with the Joint Chiefs to see what actions we should have to take. The safety of Americans, both here and abroad, is a priority of my administration, and Captain Phillips is a priority right now.”

    I don’t expect Obama to strap on body armor and go in there himself, but as the Commander-in-Chief, I do expect him to show some decisiveness and confidence as such. He could take a page from Gen. George Patton, who inspired confidence in his men as well as folks back home.

    >> Oh yeah… just go in guns a-blazin’.

    Strawman stupidity. Do you know anything about military covert ops? This thing could have been launched and reconciled before now – it didn’t have to take a week. The SEAL’s can pinpoint anywhere in the world in less than 18 hours and they have these kinds of plans drawn up already – it’s part of their standard ops plan.

    >> This blog entry fails in so many ways.

    Only because it’s not written under a kool-aid stupor and criticizes That One.


    April 13, 2009 at 11:35 am

  3. I’m guessing if the rescue mission had failed, it would be Obama’s fault?

    If you haven’t noticed, Obama, unlike the last president, is more cerebral than just making a few sound bites. But, you wanted to hear “we’re working on it”. I suggest you email him that thought to him.

    Meanwhile, from all reports I’ve read, job well done.

    And, as for sitting at your keyboard saying it could have been finished long ago, you should tell that to the French family who lost that man. You have zero credibility.


    April 13, 2009 at 12:10 pm

  4. In other words, the T in C (that would be Teleprompter-in-Chief for the humor impaired) voted present on Pirates and “sus” has a stick where the sun don’t shine!
    The “Job Well Done” goes to the SEALs and T in C gets kudos for staying out of the way.


    April 13, 2009 at 1:23 pm

  5. >> is more cerebral…

    Well, if that’s what you call it, well you can have that. Obama has done nothing to demonstrate a cerebral approach to the Presidency. Sitting around thinking about what to do when the answer was clearly obvious here demonstrates the fault of indecisiveness and inexperience.

    >> I suggest you email him that thought to him.

    As if he actually listens to people who disagree with him. Do you honestly think he cares what I think? No, I didn’t think so. That mess of ‘accessibility and transparency’ that Obama touted during the campaign is a red herring. But I digress.

    >> Meanwhile, from all reports I’ve read, job well done.

    Job well done, indeed! But the congrats goes to the units on the water, our SEAL’s who were ready to act the minute that the situation provided opportunity, not from the Commander-in-Chief. You may not realize this, but when a hostage’s life is in imminent danger, it is at the discretion of the commander on scene to make the choice of whether to use force.

    Obama had suspended those ROE’s in favor of negotiation, which limited the on-scene commander’s authority to act (otherwise this would have been sorted on Friday when Phillips jumped the first time). Obama’s green-light was to go back to the original ROE and let the professionals do their jobs. He didn’t give the order to take action here; he gave the order for the on-scene commander to resume normal operations. The commander saw the opportunity when one of the pirates had his AK-47 pointed at the back of Captain Phillips. The commander believed Captain Phillips to be in imminent danger and gave the order to fire.

    So if we want to credit Obama with one thing, I’ll say oo-rah, Obama, you got out of the way and let the experts do their jobs. Now if you would only do this with domestic policy, we’d be in far better shape.

    In all honesty, it’s uncertain why the on-scene commander felt that way, since had the pirates executed their hostage, they, themselves, would have been shredded.

    >> you should tell that to the French family who lost that man

    I never said that these operations weren’t without risk. However, the Navy SEAL’s are far more adept at dealing with these kinds of situations than any other covert ops group in the world. They are the de facto global experts of special ops at sea.

    I’ve worked with the French commandos in a previous life. And they are good at what they do, but in my point of view, it would be like inserting an Army Special Forces team into the mix to handle the situation. SF teams do engage in water operations, but sea ops are the SEAL’s specialty. Leave it to the experts.

    >> You have zero credibility.

    Lame ad hominem attack, not even deserving of the response offered here.


    April 13, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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