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The Spectre of a Turncoat

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Today, we watched Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania switch parties, after assuring folks over a month ago that he would stay in the Republican Party.  This will push the Democrats up to that critical 60 vote mark that would make the Senate filibuster-proof.

Not that the Senate would listen to the GOP anyway, but I guess this means now they can tell the GOP to go pounds sand.

In a statement today, he stated that he would not stand by and let his 29 years of service be decided by the Republican Primary Electorate.  Turns out, for captulating to the whims of that dork Harry Reid, he was going down in a 29-point strawman defeat against Pat Toomey, a conservative challenger.

Now Harry Reid has offered Specter something for his trouble – a nice fancy chair within the Democrat party, seniority, a nice office with a view, and more importantly, safety from being removed during a primary.

Of course, with that, he has become a traitor to his party and his own word, selling his soul for stability and survical.  This is why politicians can’t be trusted.  Specter re-emphasized that just today.

Hey Arlen, you don’t believe in the power of the electorate?  Something wrong with democracy?  Oh yes, it is for a liberal loser like you.  And don’t give us that madness about how much of a moderate and what kinds of convictions you have – since you said just back around mid-March that you would never leave the GOP.  I guess your word is worth as much as a tissue with swine flu on it.  Good riddance, you pathetic loser.  It’s good to see you switch yor party affiliation to what you truly are, a pathetic Democrat turncoat.

Now go caucus with your liberal friends and let the good people in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania elect a new senator, with conviction and principle.  It will be so funny if you lost in the next general election and were sent back to Pennsylvania.

If I had my way, you’d be tarred and feathered.  But I’m not bitter.

Hopefully more of thes turncoat moderates like Olympia Snowe will follow your lead.  Get the RINO’s out.  Let’s wash out the lukewarm moderates and get our party back to the party of small-government, low taxes and a strong national defense.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 28, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Posted in Political

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  1. Specter only cares about getting elected. He would join the Green Party if he thought that would maintain his senatorial power. I just wrote about this on my blog too.
    I don’t think democrats actually care about Specter as much as having a senatorial majority. Specter will be ditched as soon as he fails to pull enough votes.


    April 28, 2009 at 12:56 pm

  2. I believe this is true too. This is why I am a big fan of Congressional term limits as well.

    Specter doesn’t care about the people of Pennsylvania either, since he made the point that he wasn’t going to allow his long term record to be affected by the primary electorate. That basically says, “I do not care to lose my power just because the people that I have elected to represent no longer want me.”

    He’s a career politician and generally of the same vein as a prostitute. He’ll go a-whoring after anyone who will have him. I’m glad he’s on the other side. It means he’s part of the opposition.

    We got to continue to get this poison out of our veins before the GOP can actually heal. I blogged before that Specter, Snowe and Collins have just got to go; they are phonies and RINO’s and don’t deserve to be part of the GOP of the 21st century. They deserve to be washed away as worn out relics of the past.


    April 28, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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