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Getting Back on Track – The Right Way

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America doesn’t need to be remade; it only needs to go back to the principles to doing what actually brings prosperity and security. We don’t need a new approach. We need to do what we’ve already seen work everywhere it’s genuinely tried – true social and fiscal conservatism.

For many months now, the Grand Ol’ Party has been in disarray, damaged by its inability to stand up for the convictions that brought it into power back in 1980 and again in 1994. During the Bush 41 and 43 administrations, the GOP sacrificed its principles, a little at a time.  The GOP began to grow government, instead of shrink it.  It began to become “OK” with abortion and gay marriage. It began to acquiesce to financial madness and fiscal irresponsiblity, in order to satisfy a handful of vocal objectors.

We watched in shock and horror as the Dems took back control of the House and Senate in 2006 and how they strengthened their hold in 2008. We also watched as an unqualified, socialistic empty suit took the helm as President. The Dems are poised to seal the deal now that the power hungry Arlen Specter, jumped from GOP to Democrat, thus labeling himself as he always was and that diaper-wearing dumbkopf blowhard, Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, took the last two chairs and ensures that our party is silenced in the operations of the Federal Government for at least a couple years.

Then the finger pointing began. We accused John McCain of not being conservative enough, so the “holier-than-thou” conservatives stayed home instead of coming out in droves against Obamania. We accused Sarah Palin of being too conservative and a painted lady, a last ditch effort to score some points

The point is, we all blew it.

We got comfortable. We let our guard down and the Dems rushed in like a flood. Now we have to sit back as liberals, homosexuals, and godless socialists have their way with our country. And for now, we do so, hoping that they don’t wreck the country too badly, don’t start throwing us Right Wing extremists (you hear that, Napolitano?) into jail for hate crimes, and taxing us into oblivion to pay off anyone in the world who wants a free abortion. We sit back now and hope we can give our children a truly Godly education and hope the State doesn’t come in and take our kids when we stand up, ready to arm ourselves in the face of oppression. And we hope that, as Obama relaxes our defenses in the face of a bitter enemy who wants revenge for everything in the world that they don’t detonate a nuclear weapon in Kansas City.

Not only did we let our guard down, we allowed our message to get watered down. We started saying instead of limiting government wherever and whenever we can, we started making concessions. We started allowing little government programs pop up. And kind of like the one little dandelion in your yard that is too much trouble to uproot, we left it alone. Then two more appeared. Then three. And suddenly, a good deal of our government budget is spent on entitlements and programs.  Pork projects sprung up all over and we didn’t do anything to stop them until there were so many that it was too late to make an effective stand.

It’s not his fault, her fault. It’s our fault. We did this to ourselves.

So how do we fix it?  We go back and look at the Reagan playbook again, update for today’s landscape, and start winning elections.

First, we all owe God and the Founders a deep, bitter apology for our sin. Many of us refused to stand up when the time came. Many of us said, “it’s not our problem, we’re too busy”. We squandered away our victories and apologized for our affluence. God blessed us and we tossed it into the trashcan as we took things for granted. We started thinking of ourselves better (and so became careless) when it came time to build upon the foundations that Reagan helped us to see.

Second, we need to pick ourselves up by reinvesting in our roots. We need to get away from this ‘move a bit to the center so we get more support’ and stand up for our principles. In 1980, Reagan’s landslide came because he held his principles and the moderates came to agree with Reagan (or disagree with Carter).

Third, we work the grassroots. We talk to our friends and neighbors about conservative principles and more importantly, we weave them into our daily lives. We live the message we preach. (sound familiar, Christians?)  We learn to communicate in the 21st century

There’s been all this clamor as of late about getting past Reagan and getting on with the business of the party. Do you want to stop mentioning the name, “Ronald Reagan”? Fine. I’m alright with that. And I’m sure Reagan would be alright with that, too, since he surely didn’t believe it was about him, but values and principle. But that doesn’t mean we forget the principles of Reagan.

So, as we put Reagan in the rear-view, let’s put the principles of conservatism in the front-view and strive for the ideologies that have always made this country great. Let’s start getting back to the principles of limited government as well as limited government involvement in people’s lives. Let’s tell the government to stay out of our health care, stay out of our private sector and leave the economy the heck alone. America doesn’t need to be remade; it only needs to go back to the principles to doing what actually brings prosperity and security. We don’t need a new approach. We need to do what we’ve already seen work everywhere it’s genuinely tried – true social and fiscal conservatism.

We can stop saying the name Reagan, just as long as we never stop doing the fundamental principles of Reagan-style conservatism.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 5, 2009 at 2:43 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Reagan style Conservatism lead to neoliberalist policies that have ultimately failed.
    Reagan style Conservatism lead to selling arms to Saddam and being friendly with Pinochet, and then having the **explicative deleted** nerve to claim to be pro-life.
    The longer the Conservatives stay away from power, the better.


    May 5, 2009 at 2:49 pm

  2. Strawman.

    The post discussed basic principles of conservatism. I didn’t mention Pinochet or Saddam. That has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

    Based on your moniker, futiledemocracy, it would seem I have an America-hating liberal on my hands. And after reading where you come from, it would seem I have a Brit liberal on my hands. Groovy. Oh well, I’m tolerant.

    Since you brought up Pinochet, I suppose then that Castro would be a better choice, since we see That One snuggling up to him and Chavez like old college buddies. Castro has a bodycount much higher than Pinochet. (not that I agree with Pinochet’s methods, but because he was a brutal monster, but again, my post isn’t about Pinochet.)

    As for Saddam, well, yes, he was assisted with US aid to help him prevent what he would end up doing himself. But in the cases of Saddam and Pinochet, the decisions were made to prevent the spead of communism. This created new problems in the Middle East (although Chile is now a thriving democracy). Did we really have any idea when the US and the Gulf states were dumping heaps of cash into Iraq (while the Soviets were arming them with weapons) that we would have to come back later and tear it all apart again? Hindsight is always 20/20, but when Communism was beating on the door, the US policy at that time was to stand behind people who would oppose it.

    Of course, we sorta forget about all that.

    My post proposes a return to simple principles of limited government, lower taxes, leaving the private sector alone, and not nationalizing health care (btw – how’s that working over there in the UK? Do you like that rationing of services?) I don’t agree with everything that came out of the Reagan presidency – the Iran-Contra thing was a bigtime gaffe.

    But when you have proponents of one evil empire deciding to take on another evil empire and you’re stuck in the middle, watching the bloodshed, well, perhaps you stay out of it and hope it doesn’t reach your doorstep, or float support to the one who will be the least potent enemy, should he turn on you.

    By the way, no cursing on my blog dude. You wanna argue, fine. But do it in a way that keeps my blog rated PG, as I have kids who read my stuff. Otherwise, you can take your explicative ridden nonsense elsewhere. Cool?


    May 5, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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