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Oklahoma Lawmakers Push Sovereignty Bill

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A couple of weeks ago, Governor Rick Perry of Texas announced a bill that would declare Texas as a sovereign state of the United States. While this legislation seemed to have little effect on the reality of things, it did get people talking (before this swine flu thing came along and scared the crap out of people for no reason, but I digress)

Not to be outdone by their neighbors to the south, the Okies have also begun steps to declare their sovereignty as well.   Ten days ago, the Oklahoma state legislature passed a sovereignty bill which got the stroke of Governor Brad Henry’s veto pen.  However, the Oklahoma House decided that Gov. Henry is out of step, passed a veto-proof measure (in the form of a Concurrent resolution), 72-22, and now has shipped it off to their Senate where it’s expected to pass.

I previously commented on this topic, so I won’t rehash my thoughts on the 10th Amendment, except to say that the Founders never intended for the Federal Government to grow as large or get as powerful as it is.  The Federal Government, both under the Bush Administration and now under the Obama Administration has sought to increase its size and scope in ways that are far beyond its constitutional mandate.  In short, the States run their territory and the Federal Government manages issues where all the states are concerned.   But it does NOT up to the Federal Government to determine what is in the National interest – that’s a job for the States.  While this may be a bit difficult to understand, the point is, the national interest is determined by the States and the People, not by the Federal Government.

I wonder how many states will step up and start telling Washington to stop interfering in State business.  Currently the Federal Government has overextended its arm over the banks and the auto industries.  Liberalism seeks to center power and rule over people, giving to their need and creating dependency. States like Texas and now Oklahoma don’t particularly want to be controlled by Washington. The last time the Federal Government tried that, it ignited a civil war.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 6, 2009 at 8:27 am

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