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Wasting Money on Researching Depravity

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We eschew the one thing that will work because it’s based on morality, saying, "it will never work" while claiming that this spending madness will actually make a difference.

Well, it’s a two-fer from the National Institute of Health, a duo that sounds so outlandish, that I was thinking one would have to be drunk to make this stuff up, but after the one about Hugo Chavez’ new cell phone I’m far less shocked:

So why are we dumping $2.6M to make sure prostitutes in China and $400,000 to make sure gay men in Argentina are drinking responsibly?  What, we don’t have enough gay and drunk people here in the USA to invest money to make sure they are?  What do we care what prostitutes in China do?  How does it benefit America to study the habits of drunken gay Argentines and their tendencies towards risky sex?

Personally, I could care less whether the sleaze of China or Argentina gets HIV or not.  A little more clean and moral living will easily stave off HIV, but instead of teaching these…people…to not get drunk and have sex with everything that moves, we subsidize their activity with research to help them to do it safer, with less consequences.  We eschew the one thing that will work because it’s based on morality, saying, "it will never work" while claiming that this spending madness will.

But the Institute seems to think this is worthwhile American government spending. For some reason, Dr. Xiaoming Li believes that the study in China will benefit America with the findings.  You know, I may be off my rocker here, but if we want to benefit America with research, let’s do the research in America??  Duh.  What nation is the National Institute of Health talking about here? Duh. How about we take care of our own first?

Do you need an answer to the question of why gay men in Argentina engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk?  Here it is: Since alcohol is a depressant, it reduces the brain’s ability and predisposition towards inhibition.  Gay men who go to these places aren’t looking to just “go out with the guys”; they’re there to hook up with a like-minded fellow.  Add alcohol to the mix and suddenly the risk factor goes up as the blood-alcohol level goes up and the inhibitions fall like a normal day on Wall Street.

Need a real world example?  Go to any American club at about 1am (and particularly ones near big college campuses or military installations).  You’ll see drunk men going after any and every woman in the place. After being in the military and seeing some of the ‘escorts’ that my fellow barracks inhabitants would bring back for a nightcap, well, let’s just say they didn’t care too much about aesthetics or what they could pick up – as they would be in the Troop Medical Clinic to get checked out about a week later.

Anyway, back on topic. Granted these spending programs were allocated under the Bush Administration, so my attack here today isn’t aimed at ObamAd, Inc.  However, this is a yet another clear example of just wasted government spending, regardless of who voted for it or who is letting it continue.  Of course, this kind of thing goes under the media’s radar, so the public won’t see it. And that’s $3M that we’ll never see again, dumped right into the cesspool of China and Argentina’s red light districts so we can study what we really already have learned over and over again.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 14, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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