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I Really Hate Politics

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Most of what I write about on this blog is political commentary.  I look at topics in politics, compare them to what the Founders had hoped.  The Founders never intended that the American political system be corrupted by the putrid stench of self-interest and elitism that has plagued Washington today.  Washington has become a place where people can learn about cut-throat maneuvering, quid pro quo, corruption, and fiscal irresponsibility – because those are recurring themes inside the Beltway. 

There are so many good people out there who could serve, who should serve!  But good people are becoming less and less welcome in the American system, when, in fact, the American public want good people in the public square.  Yet people of good moral character and pure desire to do something great for their country are targeted for removal.

Today, a good woman, Sarah Palin, decided to step aside as Governor of Alaska by not seeking re-election and transferring power to her Lieutenant Governor.  Here’s the video of her rather stirring and inspiring comments today:


As soon as she made her announcement, the Democrats pounced, saying that she was running from the political pressure – because she got beat up by the some fifteen ethics complaints (all of which dismissed), beat up for being a woman, beat up for coming from the middle class, beat up for being beautiful, lambasted because her daughter had a premarital pregnancy, and scathed by morons like David Letterman.  Democrats who looked at her with fear and contempt are now celebrating once again because they have learned (whether it’s true or not) that if they badger and bully enough, they can push good people like Sarah Palin out of the public square.

But why do her opponents hate her so much?  Because she is real.  She’s not an empty suit like Barack Obama who bows before anyone and anything for popularity.  She’s not a typical, spit-shined politician who could really care less about the values of their constituencies (and I speak on both sides of the aisle).  She approached her role as a public servant, not out of elitism entitlement, but out of a pure desire to do something good for Alaska and her country.  She governed from her middle-class values, not from upper-class snobbery.

And it was because of that style that made many of us Americans fall in love with her.  She illustrated what the greatest majority of Americans want in the political system – common sense, fiscal responsibility, personal accountability, and a servant’s heart.

I’ve been asked by more than one person out there why I don’t seek office.  And I think my answer is simple – I hate politics.  I can’t stand the personal attacks that one party makes to another in order to eliminate or marginalize someone who has the dream of doing something great for his/her country.  I hate the games that politicians play, so they can negotiate and get what they want for their districts in order to get re-elected.  I hate the media because they don’t report the news anymore, but rather, act as political sounding boards for people of their belief.  I despise the bias against personal values and religious beliefs that are leveled against good people, just because their sins are revealed when they stand next to a person of impeccable character.

In short, I hate the political system, because the good people have no desire to serve in an environment like that.  And as such, the political system is populated by not-so-good people – people bent on milking the system for their own self interests.

And in the end, America suffers and begs for some real hope – not the sham that is in Washington today.

Good luck in your next big thing, Sarah.  We’ll miss and pray for you and your family.

Oh, and happy Fourth of July, everyone…sorry I’ve been away for as long as I have.


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July 3, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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