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An Enormous Credit Card Bill

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Today, a story came out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area about a poor schlub who ended up seeing a $23 quadrillion charge on his credit card bill.  Jon Seale was surprised to say the least when his statement rolled in with a mega-charge after dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s.  National Broadcasting Corporation (stress National), produced this article that would probably end up being filed under the Oddly Enough category.

$23 quadrillion is 2000 time that of the current National Debt (despite Obama’s best  efforts to put the next twelve generations of Americans into poverty). $23 quadrillion is far more money than there is on Earth. In fact, the Gross World Product (basically the planetary GDP) in 2007 was estimated at $54 trillion.  Now if you added up all the money in the US coffers (M1, M2, and M3), you’d get around $6 trillion.  These numbers are but a drop in the bucket to Mr. Seale’s $23 quadrillion bill.

Now this is all in jest, obviously. Mr. Seale won’t be having to pay off the crazy charge nor even the $20 overdraft fee, which is a good thing.  And he’ll have something to laugh about next time he buys anything from Wolfgang Puck.

But there is a bigger lesson to learn here – who is actually going to pay for nationalized health care, cap and trade tax, the stimuli bills that get pumped out of the government coffers, and every other big government program that the liberals in Congress have promoted in the last few months?  Well, we are of course!

And just like Mr. Seale’s initial reaction of “what the ______” (fill in your own explicative) when he saw his statement, we’re going to start seeing it in everything we do.  We’ll see gas prices go up when the cap and tax bill goes in, a bill that is designed to attack energy production in the US and will line the coffers of companies like Goldman Sachs and others who will profit.  We’ll see the costs of big government in our food, clothing, and basic sustenance when the millionaire business owners that will get the 5.4% tax hike when nationalized health care is pushed into our lives like a bad prescription.  And while we’re out enjoying the fruits of the Stimulus Bills that keep rolling out, well someone has to pay for that.  And I don’t see the suits in Washington turning their pockets out to pay for it, but rather, are requiring all of us to do it.

But some basic questions here:

Who really wants cap and trade?  The greens who believe that we’re destroying the earth every time we breathe (a message they’ve been hammering on the drums for over 100 years, back at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution).  Well, countries that are interested in making money and advancing into the First World have already shrugged off Cap and Trade, such as India, China, and Mexico (which will basically render our efforts towards reducing emissions useless and give these countries an economic advantage).  And all of this has been set in motion to combat a problem that has never truly been scientifically vetted amongst the critics or the climate community. 

Who really wants nationalized health care?  Do we really want to see a wait for nine hours to get seen for a potentially broken arm?  What about a two week wait immediately after a “heart problem” which could end up being fatal?  What about having to wait *years* before being able to see a specialist, waiting for some government bureaucrat to make a decision about whether it’s viable and in the public’s interest to treat you.

Who really wants these stimulus bills?  Who wants to watch us sacrifice the futures of our kids to spend on programs that the liberals want to fund?  Who wants to see $1T spending bills that promise to lower unemployment if they are passed, but do nothing but commit money to government programs that create nothing but dependency on the government?

The government is spending money it doesn’t have, running up the country’s credit card, and hoping that by dumping exorbitant amounts of cash on the problems of the world that they will go away.  Unfortunately, the only thing big government does is get in the way of those things that actually would solve the world’s problems.

The sad thing about all of this is that Mr. Seale may end up seeing another bill come in with some nice high charges on it, but this time, they will be real.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 15, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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