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Call Me Crazy, But I Think I Agree With Cindy

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I began reading this little ditty on Breitbart and as I got through the headline, I began to say, “oh boy, the Witch in the Ditch is at it again”.

I’ve never been a big fan of Cindy Sheehan and think that she just continues to dishonor the memory of her son, Casey’s, service to the country by using his name to continue protesting Americas overseas combat efforts.  The thing that bugs me about it is the fact that Casey Sheehan is dead, having died in the line of duty.  When he took the oath, he must have realized that a potential eventuality of his service in the military would cost him his life.  We hope that never happens to our soldiers and sailors, but whenever a young man or woman takes the oath, they are pledging their lives to the safety and security of the country, to follow the orders of the President, and to do his/her duty with honor and loyalty.  I’m sure Casey knew this.  However, his mother, in a means to cope with the loss, has made this anti-war effort in Casey’s name her whole life.  But we often wonder if Casey would actually agree with his mother’s rallying cause.

That’s not the subject of my post here.  My real point is what she said:

"We have to realize, it is not the president who is power, it is not the party that is in power it is the system that stays the same, no matter who is in charge."

With this one point, I cannot agree more.  While she was upset at the fact that Barack Obama campaigned on the promise of making positive steps to pull the troops out of Iraq, the thing is, the war effort hasn’t changed, probably because Obama has learned more about the effort as President than the more flippantly ignorant comments from the campaign trail.

But what Cindy says narrowly, I echo generally.  The big problem with our country today is that nothing changes in Washington.  Obama and McCain both campaigned (arrogantly I might add) about how, by electing them, they would be able to change the tone in Washington.   The thing is, the tone in Washington cannot be changed by anyone in Washington.  We can have the Democrats in power, the GOP in power, it doesn’t really matter – as long as the “system”, or the “establishment” is in place, things just don’t change.

So what is the “establishment”?  It’s primarily made up of career politicians who believe it is their right to be in office; it’s their destiny so to speak.  It’s lackeys and interns that follow politicians around like star-struck groupies in order to

I’ve been reading through the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence again here recently and one thing that I found pretty amusing was the constitutional mandate (Article I, Section IV) that Congress must assemble at least once per year.  I wonder if the Framers foresaw that government would become so involved in the lives of people that Congress would have to meet constantly.  Congress, in the beginning was meant to be a part time gig and that the politicians would actually have real jobs outside of the political world.

Thing is, because We the People have allowed government to grow exorbitantly, politics becomes a more than full time job.  We have to have politicians and staff, support people, secretaries, under-secretaries, assistants, czars, assistants to the czars, analysts, managers, experts and the list keeps just going on and on.  And the one thing that we never get to see is a reduction in government, because once we add to the government, it never goes away.  It’s the proverbial band-aid fix after band-aid fix, but we dare not actually fix the problem otherwise, some bureaucrat loses his purpose to governmentally exist. 

I know that’s a generalizing statement, but let’s face it…if we actually reduced government, put mandatory sunsets on programs, put term limits on members of Congress, and stopped dolling out money to every little issue in America, perhaps we’d actually hear that new tone in Washington.

So, for one small point, Cindy and I agree.  Better check the temp in sheol, it might be getting bit drafty.

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August 27, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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What is the Cost of Hope and Change, Now?

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Nine trillion.

It’s sobering to think that the cost of hope and change is nine trillion dollars, but that’s what we heard today from President Obama himself.

When does it stop?

When does enough become enough?

When do we, as Americans, finally put our collective foot down and tell Washington that we’re not going to tolerate anymore of the ridiculous spending?

In all fairness, this isn’t all on the shoulders of Barack Obama or George Bush.  This is a Washington problem.  For some reason, Washington believes the answer to every problem is to throw more money at it.  Whether it be the policy of Tax and Spend, made popular by the Democrats, or Deficit Spending made popular by the GOP, the thing is, for some reason, the Washington establishment believes that to survive, it must spend…and spend…and spend.

We spend on defense, we spend on entitlements, we spend when the unions gripe, we spend when Wall Street gripes…and yet, in all of this, we miss the one thing that we need to stop doing…stop the spending.

The Bush White House really began some of the most reckless spending initiatives, allowing for deep deficits and constant increases in the debt ceiling, forgetting the principles of smaller government and fiscal frugality.  As time moved on, Obama campaigned on how much George Bush was spending, on how fiscally irresponsible the President was, and said he would go through spending bills, line by line, to eliminate wasteful spending projects.

Yet, we have sat back and watched bill after bill of tremendous spending has been pushed out of Washington, continuously plunging our national debt to such insane lows that now, today, Barack Obama is talking about how we’re talking between seven and nine trillion.

We need to really revisit how we do business in Washington, because both political parties are showing a serious lack of judgment.  They don’t read the spending bills.  They don’t think it’s okay to spend only money that one has.  They insert private projects into these bills to get a piece of the pie.  And they don’t care what you have to pay in taxes or what you say in objections. 

They spend your money recklessly and they don’t care what you think.  They want you to fail so they can succeed.

Nine trillion.

The establishment is corrupt and, for as long as you let them, they remain in control, for as many trillions as you allow.

Do you care?

If you do, it’s time to act…now…before all your money is squandered by reckless bureaucrats.

As I write this, I just learned that Senator Ted Kennedy has just died after his battle with brain cancer.  While I really disagreed with most of Senator Kennedy’s initiatives and beliefs and have oft criticized him, I do express my condolences to the Kennedy family as well as the people of Massachusetts for their loss. 

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August 25, 2009 at 11:32 pm

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Falling From Grace

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[T]he inconvenient truth is that majorities of Democratic voters are opposed to the Obama-Pelosi agenda on many issues. – Brad O’Leary, American Thinker, 8/9/2009

The Democrat Party appears to be losing its appeal rather quickly.

Latest poll numbers from Pew, Gallup, and Rasumssen are showing Presidential approval in steady decline with the 50% approval marker within striking distance within the next month or so. 

And not just the president, but the ruling party right now is falling from the highest approval rating it had in nearly four years, now settling back to the 30% mark. Perhaps it’s expected that as time goes on, popularity and job satisfaction numbers are generally entropic, that is, they are always in a general state of decline.  But one would wonder if this decline is not also getting a great big push from the people who are the very ones falling from grace – that is, they’re doing it to themselves.  After all, the spring approval surge occurred as a result of the Obama Immaculation. But the seven point drop off in the last three months is showing that the kool-aid may not be having its intended effect anymore.

By the way, note that the 14% record low occurred with the Dems at the helm, as they were voted into power in November 2006 and have been on the downward trek all the way until ObamAd, Inc took the reins.

Now, I’ve never really been big on polls, since polls are only really for Democrats and strippers, but when you have three polling organizations showing a marked drop in approval, there’s something to be said.

The ongoing health care debate is certainly a problem for the Sinister* Wing.  They had hoped to push this thing through the Congress and get it to the President’s desk before the August recess, because of having to face angry voters in town hall meetings.  Of course, that didn’t work and now town hall meetings where legislators could see maybe 20 people show up now see 2,000, filled with angry people who are tired of the elites in Washington ignoring them.

Kinda like how Obama snubbed the protesters and the Central High Marching Band in Grand Junction, Colorado because he only wanted to hear the bussed-in supporters (ACORNies) from Denver, not the locals who showed up in opposition.

And today, the New York Post reported a double flip-flop regarding whether the White House would be ready to surrender the public option, which I mentioned that’s a position from which the Dems would not so quickly back down.  ObamAd, Inc made the slight whiff of backing off the public option and the liberals started dropping the F-bomb all over the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground websites, their words dripping with vitriol and hatred as they continuously chant “single-payer, single-payer” with their mantras.  But then, when Robert Gibbs comes out with his manufactured smile and says that “nothing has changed”, we see the cracks begin to show – a political party that cannot even get its story straight from one day to the next.  And the most difficult thing is that the people that the Dems need to push their agendas forward, the independents, are beginning to file away.

I can’t say this bugs me much, in fact, I hope the infighting continues within the Democrat party and the liberal movement for the next year.  Not only will it make for an amusing Christmas holiday when more town halls occur, but it’s my prediction that the Dems will lose their filibuster-proofness in the Senate in 2010.  But I’m also expecting to see the House swing back in a big way to the right as we watch legislators get tarred and feathered in their districts for disobeying the will of the people.

I end with these comments from Brad O’Leary, writing for American Thinker who comments:

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi may find it convenient, not to mention politically expedient, to blame Republicans every time they fail to get one of their Big Government agenda items through the Democrat-led House and the Democrat-led Senate. However, the inconvenient truth is that majorities of Democratic voters are opposed to the Obama-Pelosi agenda on many issues. According to a recent Gallup poll, 40 percent of all Americans consider themselves "conservative," and only 21 percent call themselves "liberal" (35 percent say "moderate"). The same poll found that 62 percent of self-identified Democrats consider themselves either conservative or moderate.

Try as they might, Obama and Pelosi should eventually find these numbers hard to ignore. In the meantime, they seem content to not only buck mainstream America, but also buck the mainstream within their own Party.

Anyone wanna take a bet on how low it will be by Christmas, or perhaps this time next year?

*Sinister, in the Latin, means “left”. The more I see the actions of the left, the more I see them as sinister.

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August 19, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Obama Ready to Give Up Public Option – Not So Fast, Folks

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Today, the Associated Press reported that the White House appears to be ready to back off of the public option, in hopes of actually moving health reforms forward and actually getting some sort of win before the Dems run the train off of the cliff.  Few people in this country are more excited about the idea of getting the government out of people’s lives than I and dispensing with the public option, to me, is a step in the right direction.

But it’s not quite enough yet.

I like the idea of cooperatives for health insurance because it puts the power for health coverage in the hands of members – the public.  Rather than the government running an option to compete with private industry, creating a cooperative that puts the decision making to people is the way to go.

But as so very eloquently written by the Heritage Foundation, health care cooperatives need to be completely independent entities with no ties to the federal government.  They need to be member controlled and self-regulated.

There is a paragraph in the article that disturbs me about the co-op idea that Kent Conrad has proposed:

With $3 billion to $4 billion in initial support from the government, the co-ops would operate under a national structure with state affiliates, but independent of the government. They would be required to maintain the type of financial reserves that private companies are required to keep in case of unexpectedly high claims.

The idea is to get the government free and clear of health care.  This means turning away any subsidy – because if you take government money, it’s never free – it comes with a price tag.  Creating a national structure and state affiliates still creates a quasi-government plan! 

A true co-operative means the government is not involved in the co-operative. And yes, I see the words “independent of the government”, but if they are independent of the government, then they need to be truly independent without any ties or interference from the government.

But as I have maintained before, there is too much money in health care for the government to sit on the sidelines.  And the Fabian Socialism works in incremental steps. So the way I see it, they put the rest of the “reforms” in place first and then start working on the public option piece.

Be careful folks.  Don’t believe them and don’t trust them.  There’s too much at stake to think that the liberals will back down from all this.

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August 16, 2009 at 3:26 pm

GI Joe – Going International – More Hollywood Idiocy

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Lately, it has become increasingly unpopular for Americans to revel in the greatness of America.

What the heck is wrong in our country these days?

I grew up watching GI Joe on TV, playing with the toys, and celebrating with each make-believe battle that the US military was the one force in the world that was second-to-none, a sworn defender of the principles of the greatness of America.  And I knew that someday, that would be my destiny as well – perhaps not in the coolness that was GI Joe, but at least I’d be part of the greatest military on the face of the planet.

But something happened in the last couple years which is showcased in the launch of the latest GI Joe movie, designed to take 80’s phenomena, which, back then was a remake of a 60’s thing, and turn them into something new for this generation (because for some reason, there’s a general lack of creative storytelling coming out of Hollywood.

"Hollywood now proposes that in a new live-action movie based on the G.I. Joe toy line, Joe’s — well, "G.I." — identity needs to be replaced by membership in an "international force based in Brussels." The IGN Entertainment news site reports Paramount is considering replacing our "real American hero" with "Action Man," member of an "international operations team."

Paramount will simply turn Joe’s name into an acronym.

The show biz newspaper Variety reports: "G.I. Joe is now a Brussels-based outfit that stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, an international co-ed force of operatives who use hi-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer."

Somewhere along the line, GI Joe was no longer known as the Great American Hero that I remember,  Instead, they’ve become a global special operations force – an international one, as it were.  No longer is GI Joe’s mission to protect American interests specifically, but rather, it’s become one with the entire planet.  Heck, it’s not even based in America, but rather, in Brussels.  Sheesh, what the heck are these pinheads in Hollywood thinking?

Now this shift in dynamic can be taken one of two ways:

  1. Because America’s problems with terror are everyone’s problems, GI Joe now is the Real Terran Hero, out to destroy Cobra who seeks to wreak havoc all over the planet.  Because terror knows no boundary anymore, GI Joe is now part of the international peacekeeping initiatives that are supported by organizations like the UN.  But since groups like Amnesty International would grossly frown on assassin-like mercenaries going from country to country, taking out the world’s most dangerous adversaries, they do so in secret, pulling themselves off the grid, because we all know, wanton destruction of those that do evil simply isn’t as black and white as the Sunbow Productions features of GI Joe would depict.
  2. Because American interference in world affairs has become increasingly unpopular, regardless of who we opt to fight at the time, GI Joe’s presence as the best of the best of the best of the American military no longer of interest or glory to the rest of the world.  But because the American military can still rock any nation’s military, bar none, there is a great degree of awesomeness that just cannot be denied.  So, GI Joe no longer retains its American identity, but retains the awesomeness that made GI Joe the think the young boys idolized and the stuff of many make-believe secret missions into Old Man Johnson’s barn to steal Cobra’s secret plans.  In other words, its cool to be a kick-butt special forces operative, just not cool to be an American one.

Maybe I’m off of my hinges here, but I tend to think the issue is the latter.  Lately, it has become increasingly unpopular for Americans to revel in the greatness of America.  From the very founding of our nation, and the imaginations of being George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abe Lincoln, the rise to superpower status as the result of the Spanish-American War, to the celebrated victors in two world wars, America’s fighting spirit has been unparalleled, even in less popular confrontations like Korea and Vietnam.  We got some of it back in Desert Storm, but lost it over the last few years by America’s continued mission in the Middle East.  Lately, it would seem that the more popular thing to do as of late is to put away Lee Greenwood’s timeless classic God Bless the USA.

It would seem that with the release of GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra, that Hollywood is no longer interested in American greatness as it once was.  I remember a number of movies that came out of Hollywood back in the 40’s and 50’s that told stories of American greatness.  Now a days, it’s becoming more and more popular to succumb to the liberal need to “get along with everyone in the world” and deny the very greatness that made GI Joe the thing that inspired our kids.  Instead of the pride instilled from being a soldier, sailor, marine or airman, now it’s only cool if you are a non-affiliated special operative, working for Planet Earth.  What a sham.

But I’m not yet ready to give up on my American heritage.  I’m not yet ready to give up speaking my mind, thumping my bible, or carrying my gun.  I’m not yet ready to lay down in sorrowful and silent obedience while I watch my country pull its own roots out to reinvent and reform America, as our President has said he wishes to do.  I like my country the way the Founding Fathers made it.  I’m not willing to give up on it, because I know as long as I don’t give up on America and those precious freedoms and promises of individual liberty from within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, America will never give up on me. 

And the ones that keep that greatness alive are the real GI Joes – the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, of whom I am a brother in arms and remember that, no matter how many special effects are applied to Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, they will never compare to the awesomeness of the lowly Private out on guard duty, the Army Specialist who gets torn asunder by a cowardly terrorist’s IED, the Marine Sergeant who refuses to leave a man behind, the Air Force Captain who flies sortie after sortie of UAV over the mountains of Afghanistan, or the Navy Skipper who commands his boat across pirate-infested waters to keep ship lanes open and safe.

God Bless our Military – and God Bless the USA.

(Oh, and Hollywood, you can keep your stupid sham of a liberal persuasion movie – because if you can’t understand what GI Joe was truly meant to represent, then it’s not worth the ten bucks to go see it)  I would rather watch Army Strong commercials for 120 minutes, listen to John Phillips Sousa, and remember what America truly is, not what you slime would have it be.)

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August 8, 2009 at 11:14 pm

To a Far-Left Liberal, Almost Anyone Else Is a Rabid Conservative

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Since Congress, as a norm, ignores its constituents, except during the campaign – and then candidates just tell the people what they want to hear in order to get elected, the townhall meeting becomes the last direct forum which everyday citizens can take part in their government.

Over the last few days, we have sat back and watched left wing, Democrat congressional types go home to their districts to face the music for their tomfoolery in Congress as of late.  This particular incident has been a firebrand of the liberal blogosphere over the last week:


First off, Sebelius is a hack.  She gets up and gripes how she is not a member of Congress, never has been, as if it is some sort of excuse for not being attentive to what the House produced as a potential bill.  She even responded with the statement about how Sen. Specter could not read legislation for a bill that has not even been written yet (an obvious red herring saying that Specter should not at least be up on the House bill, just because he’s a Senator).  Sebelius was, however, unaware that the House bill would require her to develop “measurements of gender”, but she didn’t even know what that meant.

And then, to listen to Specter drone on about how he has a staff that pieces out the bill and reads it is not the same as taking a few hours and reading the legislation, at least in brief.

Enough of the Mob


But the larger issue here is with respect to the crowds of meeting goers that are quite upset about his bill.  Since Congress, as a norm, ignores its constituents, except during the campaign – and then candidates just tell them what they want to hear in order to get elected, the townhall meeting becomes the last forum which everyday citizens can take part in their government.  So the masses come out, armed with a battery of direct, no BS questions, written with a good amount of irritation.  They come out in droves to let their leaders know just how much they disapprove of their actions.  (the left wingers aren’t going to come out so much, since they like the idea of Marxist healthcare).  Instead of coming out, though, the left wing begins to run attack ads against the people, like this one:

So, rather than the left wing try to answer the questions of the right (since all of this stimulus/government takeover garbage is supposed to be a good idea), the right wing gets demonized as the “angry mob”.

Well, we are angry!  And I guess if we get together in a large group, then yes, we’re an angry mob.  And you know what?  The liberals can’t stand it when we get together and protest in the same way that they do.  They can get together and protest a war outside the gates of a military installation, throwing out how much they hate George Bush and how much he needed to be impeached and what not and it’s okay.  But when we get together, we’re the vitriolic angry mob, filled with rage and hate against The One.

So, liberals, before you get to hating yourselves, perhaps in a faint possibility of hope, try to listen to why we are angry.

  1. We are sick of the government.  We have watched time and time again as government programs are introduced that provide a handout to people while eroding our personal liberties and freedoms.
  2. We are sick of our country being directed by big-game tort lawyers and union bosses rather than “We the People”. 
  3. We don’t want to pay our hard earned dollars for abortions for women who can’t control their sexual appetites. 
  4. We don’t want to classify two men or two women in a homosexual union the same as traditional marriage. 
  5. We don’t want to cede control of our parental rights and education of our children to the federal government, just because the UN thinks we can’t raise our kids right. 
  6. We don’t want rationed health care or socialistic medicine when all we need to do is just open health care to the free market and knock off the tort insanity.
  7. We don’t want the government spending our hard earned tax dollars helping Blue State Obama supporters as you call it ‘economic recovery’ while we see it as “pay-offs”.
  8. We’re sick of you touting Global Warming and Climate Change as a religious means of wresting more money from us to give to your Green Movement allies.
  9. We’re angry about your attempts at Social Justice, meanwhile the ethnic group having to make all the reparations and fixes are Caucasian males.  (see my post on racism)
  10. We’re sick of progressive liberalism, pushing our country, bit by bit, towards socialism.  We think Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, John Jay, and Ben Franklin were far more intelligent than Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and wish you would understand that too.

Do you get it now?  You won the majority of voters that voted, but not the majority of Americans.  You call the last eight a dismal failure of domestic and foreign policy as a means of blame shifting.  You play partisan games and engage in class warfare, rather than adopting the rhetoric that Obama touted during the election of getting past partisan politics.  And you can’t stand it when we don’t agree with you – so you cry foul and call us rabid.  Well, I guess to you, anyone is a rabid conservative.

But while we are angry with you, we don’t hate you.  We love you with God’s love, as well as fellow Americans.  It’s too bad you can’t accord us the same thing, but then, liberalism teaches to hate in order to get.

So, we’ll continue to be angry and you continue to hate.  And we’ll just see you in 2010, because I’ll tell you this…you will see change – as you see us get angrier and angrier and the Congress begin to shift back to the center-right, where it should be.  By the way, without American anger, you wouldn’t be an American liberal today.  Think about that.

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August 5, 2009 at 4:39 pm

College Graduate Sues Alma Mater for Own Inability to Get Job

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Well, an interesting news article surfaced that just bristled Magnus’* fur and didn’t bode that well for my attitude either.

Today, a news story surfaced about a one Trina Thompson who has just recently graduated (in April 2009) from Monroe College in the Bronx with a degree in Information Technology.  Monroe is basically one of those local private colleges that offers an array of degrees in business, IT, criminal justice, and the like.  Private colleges in general are known for very high tuitions and high pressure admissions.

Well, Thompson now feels some rather ill spirit towards her alma mater.  Turns out she has elected to file a lawsuit in the Bronx Supreme Court for $70,000 to recoup the costs of her tuition.  She maintains that Monroe didn’t help her enough in her job search and placement ambitions since she graduated in April (just four months ago) with her job search and feels that she should have gotten a good job in IT by now.  She feels she’s now entitled to have her tuition refunded, since she’s not in solid employment.

Ms. Thompson is pathetic.  And not just the normal pathetic, but the left-wing, social justice crying pathetic.

To think that it’s her college’s fault that she’s not hired in the IT industry is to do something that the left-wing does routinely – blame others for their own shortcomings. 

1. First, just because you have a degree means that you are immediately employable. In today’s world, and particularly in Information Technology, the landscape is pretty barren.  It’s tough to compete with just one thing in your dossier.  To make it in IT, you have to have a degree in IT, be certified in current technology, be experienced in the systems that the company is using, be sharp, and a solid team player.

But the IT world is also flooded and has been for about the last 7-8 years.  With all the “get-your-MCSE” mills and IT paper houses throughout the country, finding an IT professional worth their salt is not as easy as seeing a piece of paper.  But somewhere along the line, Monroe convinced her that if she took a degree from there, she’d have a good job.  I wonder if these people advertise on late late night TV.

2. Paying $70,000 for a private college education doesn’t demonstrate a fair amount of frugality and intellect.  Not to put down Monroe, (I’m sure they are a decent enough school – they have to be to get accredited), but when I see the price tag, I only just shake my head at that.  Turns out the IT program is 120 credit hours with 3CR classes in the upper division. Given that $70k price tag, I would surmise that Ms. Thompson stupidly paid upwards to $550 per credit hour for her degree.  Not real smart.

3. The economy is still limping along, with an unemployment rate at 9.5% nationally and around 8.7% in New York State.  I did a search, however and just on one employment website, I found over a thousand IT jobs posted.  Granted those jobs are going to be pretty competitive, but my thinking is that Ms. Thompson is expecting that Monroe find her a job, rather than she finding a good job on her own.  In other words, she doesn’t have a job since she graduated, so Monroe isn’t doing enough to get her employed.  This is a red herring.

Ms. Thompson needs to stop listening to all the left-wing entitlement mentality missives and come join us in the real world.  Colleges may educate, but mostly, the private ones are in the business to confer degrees – pull them in, push them through, get ‘em out again.  Sometimes, you’ll encounter instructors that want and are able to teach students, but in my experiences, that’s not the college’s aim.  These colleges are private companies, in the business to make money.  That’s not a crime, but Ms. Thompson doesn’t get the idea that the school is not there to make sure she is able to get into the workforce.  Ideally, the school is there to give her the education and the degree so she can go get the job on her own.

I am so sick of this entitlement mentality – that the world owes something because the person complaining feels like those who have succeeded need to bail out those who have not.

Sounds like something else…?

Perhaps she should go to work for the government or some social justice organization like ACORN, SEIU, or the like and do their computer systems (if she is good enough).  She will fit right in – until they screw her over and she opts to sue.


*(yes, I finally named the iconic dog of The Rabid Conservative.)

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August 2, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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