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Falling From Grace

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[T]he inconvenient truth is that majorities of Democratic voters are opposed to the Obama-Pelosi agenda on many issues. – Brad O’Leary, American Thinker, 8/9/2009

The Democrat Party appears to be losing its appeal rather quickly.

Latest poll numbers from Pew, Gallup, and Rasumssen are showing Presidential approval in steady decline with the 50% approval marker within striking distance within the next month or so. 

And not just the president, but the ruling party right now is falling from the highest approval rating it had in nearly four years, now settling back to the 30% mark. Perhaps it’s expected that as time goes on, popularity and job satisfaction numbers are generally entropic, that is, they are always in a general state of decline.  But one would wonder if this decline is not also getting a great big push from the people who are the very ones falling from grace – that is, they’re doing it to themselves.  After all, the spring approval surge occurred as a result of the Obama Immaculation. But the seven point drop off in the last three months is showing that the kool-aid may not be having its intended effect anymore.

By the way, note that the 14% record low occurred with the Dems at the helm, as they were voted into power in November 2006 and have been on the downward trek all the way until ObamAd, Inc took the reins.

Now, I’ve never really been big on polls, since polls are only really for Democrats and strippers, but when you have three polling organizations showing a marked drop in approval, there’s something to be said.

The ongoing health care debate is certainly a problem for the Sinister* Wing.  They had hoped to push this thing through the Congress and get it to the President’s desk before the August recess, because of having to face angry voters in town hall meetings.  Of course, that didn’t work and now town hall meetings where legislators could see maybe 20 people show up now see 2,000, filled with angry people who are tired of the elites in Washington ignoring them.

Kinda like how Obama snubbed the protesters and the Central High Marching Band in Grand Junction, Colorado because he only wanted to hear the bussed-in supporters (ACORNies) from Denver, not the locals who showed up in opposition.

And today, the New York Post reported a double flip-flop regarding whether the White House would be ready to surrender the public option, which I mentioned that’s a position from which the Dems would not so quickly back down.  ObamAd, Inc made the slight whiff of backing off the public option and the liberals started dropping the F-bomb all over the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground websites, their words dripping with vitriol and hatred as they continuously chant “single-payer, single-payer” with their mantras.  But then, when Robert Gibbs comes out with his manufactured smile and says that “nothing has changed”, we see the cracks begin to show – a political party that cannot even get its story straight from one day to the next.  And the most difficult thing is that the people that the Dems need to push their agendas forward, the independents, are beginning to file away.

I can’t say this bugs me much, in fact, I hope the infighting continues within the Democrat party and the liberal movement for the next year.  Not only will it make for an amusing Christmas holiday when more town halls occur, but it’s my prediction that the Dems will lose their filibuster-proofness in the Senate in 2010.  But I’m also expecting to see the House swing back in a big way to the right as we watch legislators get tarred and feathered in their districts for disobeying the will of the people.

I end with these comments from Brad O’Leary, writing for American Thinker who comments:

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi may find it convenient, not to mention politically expedient, to blame Republicans every time they fail to get one of their Big Government agenda items through the Democrat-led House and the Democrat-led Senate. However, the inconvenient truth is that majorities of Democratic voters are opposed to the Obama-Pelosi agenda on many issues. According to a recent Gallup poll, 40 percent of all Americans consider themselves "conservative," and only 21 percent call themselves "liberal" (35 percent say "moderate"). The same poll found that 62 percent of self-identified Democrats consider themselves either conservative or moderate.

Try as they might, Obama and Pelosi should eventually find these numbers hard to ignore. In the meantime, they seem content to not only buck mainstream America, but also buck the mainstream within their own Party.

Anyone wanna take a bet on how low it will be by Christmas, or perhaps this time next year?

*Sinister, in the Latin, means “left”. The more I see the actions of the left, the more I see them as sinister.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 19, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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