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The Tree of Liberty

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. – Thomas Jefferson

I opened with Jefferson’s quote today because, while we never want to see our own blood, our innocent blood, poured out by evil men, the simple truth is that we never take action against the forces of evil until the cost becomes blood.  We don’t overly feel persuaded (maybe even now a little afraid) to stand up for our rights and liberties as Americans until something happens that forces us to act.

This photo here depicts a lynching, yes, I get that.  The men doing it are known as the Sons of Liberty and they are tarring and feathering a tax collector of King George.  (Now how many of you have desired in your heart to tar and feather an IRS agent or two?)  In the background, we see a rather large tree, the Liberty Tree, which served during the American Revolution as a rally point for a town.  Most every town had one, but the one depicted here is the original Liberty Tree, planted near Boston Common.

I bring up the Liberty Tree because, back then, it served also as a reminder – a living symbol of support for the ideals of individual liberty and resistance to tyranny, particularly in the form of taxation, but also in many other liberties that were being infringed, such as the freedom of speech and press, so infringed by the Stamp Act of 1765.

Government is not the solution to our problem – government is the problem. – Ronald Reagan

Today, our country yet again faces challenges to individual liberty by statists who desire to rule the country as an elite oligarchy.  They seek, not just expanded government, but a government without end because of their ever present belief that government can solve every problem, if the individuals would just cede their rights and allegiances to it.   The statists are interested only in capturing power for themselves and then dispensing to those who agree with them.  They aren’t concerned about liberty or freedom for the average American citizen, but rather, desire to remove that liberty and replace it with tyranny.  They are so absorbed by carrying out social justice initiatives that they are creating injustices for those whom they demonize.  They decry the breaches of so-called rights for animals but slaughter a million unborn babies per year in abortion clinics, insistent it’s called ‘reproductive rights’ or ‘choice’.  They spend billions without a care and expect that wealthiest of Americans are going to foot the bill.  They don’t care about your liberty – they care about doing what is right in their own eyes.

Today is September 11, 2009, eight years ago since America witnessed the horrific attack on our homeland that took the lives of 2,977 people and altered the course of events on the planet forever.  That event then opened a series of wars and conflicts which gave the Tree of Liberty the refreshing that Jefferson told us about – patriots, our countrymen who died in the attacks, our military men and women who have given their lives in the War on Terror (I refuse to supplant that term), as well as our First Responders who lost their lives trying to rescue those in peril.  We have also seen much tyrant blood spilled as our military has mounted a very successful campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan to stamp out the Al Qaida network.  Throughout the country, we see acts of commemoration and token gestures of piety by the main stream media, who continue to exploit the event for ratings.  But I’m afraid today will be less of a memory and more of a segue into the weekend for the greatest number of people.


In 1966, it was discovered that the original Liberty Tree was nearly forgotten, as the commemoration plaque for it was covered by bird droppings and obscured by a restaurant sign.  It took reporter Robert Kessler to convince the, then, Governor of Massachusetts, John Volpe, to help restore the site. Today, thankfully, there is a more visible bronze statue to commemorate the very place where the Sons of Liberty took action.

We have forgotten about our Liberty Tree – leaving only small reminders here and there that we can barely see, although we have covered them with our proverbial dung droppings and our preoccupations with our pursuits.  We quickly forget about the blood that is spilled for our liberties and freedoms – individual liberties about which care less and less.  We don’t care that Communists and Statists are infiltrating our government and making policy.  And we can barely read the commemorations that we have already in place to help us not to forget what’s important – that we are free men and women in charge of our destiny.  We don’t need the government to regulate our lives – we can do that ourselves.  Let the government stick to the functions of Article 1 Section 8 and let the people handle the rest.

Finally, I leave you with one other Liberty Tree reference – the Tree that was planted on Golgotha.

You may not know what Golgotha is, but it means, “a place of the skull”, also known as Calvary, the place where Jesus Christ was crucified for sins.  His blood was poured out around his Tree of Liberty because of the bondage that sin creates for mankind.  His Tree was planted because He loves you enough to allow evil men to spill his blood, his innocent blood, so that you can be free from your sin.  And the only thing you have to realize is that He did this because he wants you to be free of your sin.  Forgiveness is there for the asking, if you want it. 

God won’t force you to accept anything you don’t want to accept, but if you are in bondage of sin, remember that the Tree of Liberty planted by Roman soldiers and refreshed by the blood of the Savior also brings a ultimate freedom for you.

So, where’s your tree?  Have you been to it lately?  Does your town have one?  Perhaps a very patriotic thing to do, not to mention very environmentally friendly, would be to plant a tree, a Liberty Tree of your own – maybe for you or even your town.  If you have a large elm in your yard or a park, perhaps it would be a good idea to designate it as your Liberty Tree and begin talking with your friends and neighbors under it, discussing the directions of our country and how we return to the fundamentals of liberty and freedom.  I don’t suggest lynching any IRS agents under it, but I do think we need to get under the tree and start talking.

I hope we start doing this soon, before the Liberty Tree requires more blood to refresh it.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

September 11, 2009 at 9:11 am

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