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We iz in ur P2P – steeln ur House filez

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So it came about when some junior staffer on the House of Representatives Committee on Official Standards and Conduct – the House committee on ethics – had official House documents regarding the investigations of ethics violations on his/her personal computer.  The file was lifted from a directory, shared out using P2P software and leaked online – picked up by the Washington Post and reported to the masses.

So, aside from the ethics investigations of Charlie Rangel D-NY, John Murtha D-PA, Jim Moran D-VA, and Peter Viclosky D-IN, more names were added to the list.  At the risk of sounding overly partisan, let me name C.W. Bill Young R-FL, Todd Tiahrt R-KS, and Devin Nunes R-CA first, before naming Norm Dicks D-WA, and Marcy Kaptur D-OH.  Oh, and there is Alan Mollohan D-WV, Jane Harman D-CA, Maxine “Take Over All Your Oil Companies” Waters D-CA, and Laura Richardson D-CA.

(btw – none of these people have been actually found guilty of anything…yet. They have been investigated for misconduct, some a couple more times than one)

Wat? Me violatz ethx? Now, I’m not about to make this another Democrat witch hunt (I’d be satisfied if we just excoriated Rangel and Murtha for the ethical reprobates that they are), but I am wondering why there is a higher degree of ethics violations regarding Democrat members of Congress from a Congress that is overwhelmingly Democrat. 

Is it just a matter that the Democrats are more sloppy in their abilities to keep their backyard clean, given that this staffer was probably a Democrat him/herself?  Perhaps it’s because in order to create this sense of “transparency”, the Dems are outing their own people as sacrificial lambs to pushing the leadership closer to sainthood.  Or maybe it’s because FOXNews is only reporting on all the unethical Democrats (while the mainstream media seems to be coming up short on Republicans that they can tie to the whipping post).

Whatever the reason, the scorecard shows that the Dems outnumber the GOP 3-1 for ethical investigations.  Another overwhelming Democratic majority in the House, right?  Perhaps I’m off my hinges, but if the Dems don’t want to get buried under a political landslide, they better stop with the sloppiness.

BTW – The staffer was added to the 9.8% unemployment rate, a rate that wasn’t supposed to go above 8% with all that stimulus money.



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October 31, 2009 at 4:08 pm

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