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Bah, What’s Another Trillion or So?

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Because it’s not their money, and it’s not even our money.  It’s our great-grandkids money.

Democrats today announced plans today to kick up the debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion.  It’s bad enough that they do this and kick our national debt to $14 trillion, but the reason they are doing this now…?  Because if they do it next year in 2010, they fear the backlash of losing votes come November.

So rather than take a logical course and reduce spending and not try to ramrod legislation that better than half the country doesn’t want, namely so-called health care reform, the Dems interest is to continue their full court press in implementing as much of their radical left wing agenda and burden our successive generations with a debt that is now approaching 25% of worldwide GDP (currently $60T as of 2008).

Perhaps because they understand that if they take out the public option, they will have to bolster Medicare to get their government-run policy in place and someone is going to have to pay for that.  And since that arbitrary one trillion watermark represents the spending barrier that Congress seems to want to avoid these days with the healthcare bill, well, the only other place to pull the cash is from the government’s Heward’s handy haversack that contains all the money imaginable.  (I guess someone forgot to tell them that their bag of holding was really a bag of devouring.)

In any case, the way that government is presently spending (taking note, again, that President Bush started this insane spending back in 2000 when the national debt was only $5 trillion, not the $14 trillion today), it would seem that their spending is without any sort of fiscal accountability or responsibility.

Because it’s not their money, and it’s not even our money.  It’s our great-grandkids money.

Thing is, again, the Dems don’t have the spine to do this next year, when the money is actually needed.  Instead, they want to do it now, capitalizing on the thought that Americans won’t be so angry about yet another debt raise when it comes time to pull the switch.

How typical.  How pathetic.  I guess they realize that raising the debt ceiling is wrong and they don’t want to take the repercussions of their actions.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 10, 2009 at 11:39 am

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