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Obama: We Got an Agreement on Climate Change, Rest of World: Say What?

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So, in the week of a very underreported story with regards to the climate change, farcical, summit-y thing going on in Copen-HAH!-gen, with the half-dressed protesters outside parading in the snow and complaining that the earth is too hot, President Obama arrived to try and convince the world, through his metro-sexual machismo that we’re all going to die of heat stroke.  Despite the rising populations of polar bears who have a very different take about their habitat going away, deceptive pictures of large power plant exhaust stacks burping out ginormous amounts of the greenhouse gas that we call “steam”, and Al Gore’s personal testimony to liberal hypocrisy by reading a piece of literary rubbish, barely fit to be called art (unless we talk about art as something that can be drawn or somehow applied to toilet paper, while living it up from the only “carbon-neutral” which has a carbon footprint visible from space, the rest of the nations of the world are buying the concept of man-made global warming as little more important than the tale of wolf, cried out by a shepherd boy

So, as Obama celebrates a so-called win by urging China to give up on its emission inspection sovereignty, the rest of the summit goers are packing up this circus and heading for home, calling the “Copenhagen Accords” a dismal failure.  And with the same look in his face that he had when he picked up his soapbox and left Copenhagen the last time, after an epic fail to convince the IOC of bringing the 2016 games to Chicago, Obama’s attempt to strong-arm the Chinese into agreeing with him has had less than optimal results (if you are a global warming kool-aid drinker). 

The thing here is, do we honestly expect the Chi-Coms to play fair and nice regarding any treaty that could affect their economic windfall?  After all, they continually cheat in the marketplace through the Chinese government subsidizing any tariffs placed on them by import nations, continue to devalue their currency, use slave labor, and pollute without any regard – why should they consider any policy that will undermine what they have going – a delicate balance of economy even more elusive than Tiger Woods’ love dodecagon (or is it a tetradecagon now?)

So as Alaska reports record snows and weather patterns in Washington D.C. threaten to layover an already cranky, health-care weary Congress beneath a ton of flurry white, uh, global warming, the world begins to wonder just exactly what this climate change stuff is all about and whether they can actually control the world’s temperature to the arbitrary 2°C ceiling.  And as the world ponders this, we, once again, see that the celebrations coming from ObamAd, Inc not in direct alignment with reality.  We, on the other hand, sit on this side, laughing at the buffoons who can’t seem to prevent a summit on an imaginary problem any less farcical than a skit on Saturday Night Live (perhaps they should fly Stuart Smalley in). 

Oh, and by the way, Mr. President, we’re keeping score over here too.  And right now, you got another big, fat, zero in your column.  In other words, Obama – 0, Copenhagen – 2…brother.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 19, 2009 at 7:32 pm

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