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When We Can’t Blame a Person

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This first year in Obama’s presidency has been one of very little hope and even less change.   The news sources, particularly the conservative ones, are taking stock in all those little promises that Obama made that have yet to be kept, or even worse, broken outright.   Recent polling data shows that, if a presidential re-election occurred today, Obama would not win a second term

Now for all the problems that Obama has had in his presidency, he has done a lot of blameshifting.  For the first year, he pinned a lot of the problems of the country on the “failed eight years of policy under George Bush”.  But that political capital is about spent now and Obama is not so able to play the “it’s all Bush’s fault” card, especially when he approved the Bush stimulus, along with $5 billion of earmarks that he promised wouldn’t happen on his watch.

Today, though, the funniest blame-shift has come from this article.  Today, it was announced that the Obama Bureaucracy, aka ObamAd, Inc’s reason for being unable to be efficient and effective doesn’t come from the failing policies of George Bush, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, but rather, from outdated technology.  Rather than looking at policy, we’re saying now that the computers, which are older and less powerful than the machines that people have at home are to blame for why government can’t seem to get things done. 

So, let’s see…we’re going to blame the Executive Branch computers for the reasons why government isn’t working right.  Never mind the infighting between political parties, the blatant disregard for the will of the American people, or the broken promises over transparency.  Never mind the insane amounts of spending by the Executive on ineffective programs designed to further dependence on the government for everything.  No, it’s not the fault of the people in government, it’s those darn antiquated computers.

With all the stimulus slush cash out there, you would think that some of it could be diverted to Dell, HP, or IBM to buy some updated hardware, hire a small army of IT people to put things in, and improve the system, donating that old hardware to schools or local DC charities.

Instead though, Obama is going to pull a bunch of CEO’s into the office and figure out how to bring the White House to the 21st century.

Hmm, that’s interesting because we’re now TEN YEARS into the 21st century.  If the White House is that bad that we’re talking about dialup modems, Pentium II class hardware running Windows 95/98/NT4, perhaps not even Y2K compliant, well, then our government is in worse shape technologically my house, church, or last three positions of employment.

But the outdated technology can be a good thing – a blessing in disguise.  It basically means that the government can’t push us towards a more socialistic way of doing things as quickly, while they wait for files to download and 2,000 page behemoth legislation documents to spool into RAM.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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