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I Guess I Spoke Too Soon?

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Well, according to the Dis-Associated Press, it sounds like the Democrats, seeing their health care-less bill in jeopardy are now asking Obamessiah to jump onto the stump for Martha Coakley.  I had made a point just last night/early this morning that Obama had been doing a good thing for Coakley by keeping his Obamagic out of the race.  I guess I spoke too soon – too good to be true.

Scott Brown has been a lightning rod up there in Massachusetts and the Republicans up that way are fired up.  The Democrats, on the other hand, aren’t really as enthusiastic and with the poll numbers now in favor of Brown, the Dems are raising the red flags.  In fact, Rep. Barney Frank (Fwank) made the point, if Brown wins, the Dems lose the health care bill.  We’ll see if Fwankie-boy makes good on his position to not stall the swearing in, should Brown take the chair.

It would be quite ironic, though.  Ted Kennedy was all about getting this bill passed and his successor may deliver a coup de grace and prevent its passage.  And just like the class-less jerk that he is, Senator Schumer from New York had to toss his corroded, muckraking, two cents in and pull out the teabag pejorative. Good one, Chuckie, you putz-head.

Oh, and I hope Obama fails – again.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 15, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Posted in Political

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