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Obama Gets One Thing Right – So Far

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Don’t get me wrong and don’t start tazing me until you read what I say here – wondering how many people have come to the realization already ahead of me.  Whatever if they do – I’m writing it anyway, in my own unique idiom.

Or I’ll just blame it on my antiquated computer.  Seems to be the going excuse this week.

  • Action: Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch for the Chicago bid for the Games.  Outcome: Chicago gets eliminated handily in the first round.  Obama Fail Score – 1
  • Action: Obama gets on the stump for the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.  Outcome: Seats held by Democrats flip to the GOP.  Obama Fail Score – 3  (one for each)
  • Action: Obama goes back to Copenhagen to vehemently speak for unity on Climate Change.  Outcome: The so-called Copenhagen Accords fall dismally short of desired goals.  China stonewalls the talks, makes Obama look like a jerk, the US like idiots, and the greens lap it up as more anti-American fodder.  Obama Fail Score – 5 (that gaffe was so bad, it made Baghdad Bob look credible)

So now, the next big PR flop-portunity comes to bear – the Massachusetts senatorial special election and while Scott Brown has already urged Obama to stay away from the Bay State, it would seem that Obama has actually learned something – if you don’t want to come away with egg on your face, yet again, do yourself and your party candidate a favor – don’t show up.  He hasn’t showed up in Massachusetts.

He’s still too busy with all of those closed-room debates on the health deform bill, which were supposed to be broadcast on C-SPAN.  Obama Fail Score – 6 (or is it 13, since he promised it, what, eight times?)

Either way, with more than 50% of Americans ready to chuck an egg at the Amateur-in-Chief, it would seem he’s learnt a little something.   But I can’t wait for him to go back into campaign mode later this summer.  I still have six eggs in this carton yet to toss.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 15, 2010 at 2:26 am

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