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The road to hell…oh you get the point…

This is too rich.  Barney “Fwank” Frank (D-MA) is griping, yet again.

Turns out, he is so concerned that Scott Brown stands a good chance in getting elected today that he is now groaning and griping that the “Senate rules need to be changed…God didn’t create the filibuster”.

Let’s see, Fwankie-boy didn’t gripe about the filibuster when the Democrats used it to lock up George Bush’s judicial nominees back in 2005 from getting even an up or down vote, let alone passage.  But, instead he upheld the filibuster in that specific instance.  But hey, when the tables turn around, suddenly the filibuster becomes a constitutional problem.

But instead of worrying, though, about the rules of the Senate, how about you start worrying about how the libs in the House will have to swallow the great big pill that is the Harry Reid Health Scare Special, since the House will have to take it as it is in order to avoid it going to the Senate again.

Whatever, by the way, happened to that good Progressive mentality that says that if the Constitution doesn’t forbid it, then it’s fair and legal.  After all, this is the mentality that Progressives take when addressing issues regarding the 10th Amendment and subsequently, States rights.

Oh, by the way, Barney, on the subject of the things that God didn’t create or intend, He certainly didn’t intend for people to be homosexual.  But hey, that never stopped the progressives before, right?


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January 19, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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