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We’ve Won a Battle, Not the Whole War, Folks

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Last week, as many in the media have been reporting about Scott Brown, newly-elected Senator from Massachusetts, and the torrential shake-up that has occurred to the Democrat agenda.  And there has been much call for celebration.  For a state that doesn’t elect Republicans very easily, Brown’s win is a massive statement by the people of Massachusetts.  It means that Republicans and conservatives can win up there because the state isn’t dominated by liberals, but rather, by independents.

The shake-up, as we’ve all heard, has caused shockwaves throughout the political landscape.  But I guess the best way to describe it is with this video, because while the Dems have been making nice suddenly, behind closed doors, you can be sure they are none too pleased:

Folks, while we conservatives celebrate the victory that comes with a growing dissatisfaction over Washington’s priorities and arrogance, we also have to remember that the war is far from over.  Up until a couple weeks ago, 99% of Americans didn’t know anything about this Scott Brown person, but, like Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, Brown became an overnight sensation.

If you are a student of German, you probably know that Hitler in this video (which NEVER gets old when parodied), towards the end says, “the war is over”. 

But the war is not over for us, folks.  It’s begun anew.  And with Obama out there telling the people in Ohio that he will not stop fighting, it basically means that his anger is now kindled towards the independents in Massachusetts who put Brown in office.  Obama really didn’t want Brown in office.  He went to Massachusetts and tried to campaign for Coakley (add another point to his Obama Fail Score).  But rather than sitting down and trying to understand what the country needs and wants, Obama won’t stop pushing his agenda (won’t stop fighting). 

We can win this fight, folks.  Obama can’t continue to blame Bush anymore for his inadequacies, even though James Carville wants Dems to continue pushing the “it’s-all-Bush’s-fault” rhetoric.  And if That One can’t even give a speech to a group of kids without a teleprompter, well, this tells me the way to beat him down in 2012 is put real candidates in there that speak from conviction, not from glass screens.  Brown was the first.  We have a lot more to do.

We have to continue to solidify the conservative message in the hearts and minds of those close to us.  We have to stop expecting government to do the job that only God can do.  We have to remember that America continues to be the shining city on the hill (despite what that fat red pig Hugo Chavez says).  We have to continue to proclaim liberty, not government dependence, by, instead of selling our souls for government money, getting out there and making the difference that we’re asking government to do.  We have to pray, fast, and work hard as Americans of old.  And we have to be willing to sacrifice a little political correctness and call “Hope and Change” the title that it really is – an avenue for big government and government dependence.  This is how we win the war.

Stay Rabid, my Friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 25, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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