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You’re Just Now Figuring This Out, Jay?

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Funny stuff, here.  Senator Jay Rockafeller is saying what we on the Right/Correct/Right side have been saying since…what…2006/2007 when we first heard that Barack Obama was thinking about being President, and then campaigning?

Hindsight wasn’t the only thing that was 20/20 with Obama, Jay.  When Obama started talking about giving 95% of Americans a tax cut, and the “not one dime” pledge during the debates, every time he spoke, I kept saying, “yeah right, dude”.  When he told us all about how he wouldn’t sign any bill with earmarks, and then put the porkulus bill in play, a bill with over 9000 earmarks, well, I wasn’t sold on his faerie dust.

So, congrats to Jay, as he is just now starting to wake up from the liberal-induced coma that comes from the hyperbole.  Hope the Kool-Aid hangover doesn’t last too, long, buddy.


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February 13, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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