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Gollum Flips and Backroom Deals Push Health Deform to Passage (if we can call it that)

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Dennis Kucinich, D-Mordor* (oops, Ohio) today put on his shower shoes and flip-flopped on his position regarding the health deform bill, going from NO to YES. 

I guess that was expected, since the dude is about as wild-eyed liberal as they come and convictions to one’s word isn’t something they do very well.  Perhaps it was that ride in Air Force One, sponsored by the American Taxpayer last week that sealed the deal for him.  Perhaps Pelosi made him some promises about how this was the big move to single-payer that makes Kucinich slobber and drool like Gollum chewing on a nice juicy fish.

Kucinich had said that he would staunchly vote no because it didn’t have any provisions for a government-run program.  So, just like good Sméagol, serving the Dark Lord Sauron by giving up his wish for his “precious”, swings over to the YES side and tosses his personal convictions aside.

Like we expected any better – perhaps Gollum would make a better representative.  At least we would only have to pay him in fish.

In other news, however, I guess some people don’t care so much about fish anymore.

Turns out, the California Central Valley has been under an environmentalist-imposed drought because of the habitat of the Delta Smelt – a two inch fish that uses the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta as its home.  Unfortunately, the water has also been pumped from the delta to irrigate the crops for hundreds of farmers in the valley.  Many things that we find at our local supermarket are grown in central California.  And without the water, the farmers cannot grow crops, which then means higher costs at the supermarket.

However that might change now because Representatives Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa are being courted with a bribe of increased allocation of water to irrigate the valley.  In a news release from the US Department of the Interior, the Central Valley is to get more water – which, no doubt, is being given in exchange for a back scratch in the house with the Health Deform bill.  Costa and Cardoza voted for the original House bill but shied away from the Senate bill. 

So, I guess the Delta Smelt wasn’t as important as they say it was.  It doesn’t matter that unemployment soars and food prices go up, just so long as we can get health deform, the fish is as good as Gollum food.  And we all know how Gollum likes to slaughter fish.

Speaking of Slaughters, the House is inching closer to pulling this “Deem-and-pass” (sounds like demon-pass to me).  Obama thinks it’s a good idea. And others in the House, scared that they may not be able to scrounge up the necessary 216 votes to pass the thing are looking at the so-called “Slaughter Solution” as a means to force the issue.

But the fight is far from over.  Syndicated talk show host Mark “The Great One” Levin is going to file an immediate constitutional challenge if Slaughter is used to try and pass the bill.  And the state of Idaho has passed a measure that will direct the Idaho Attorney General to file suit if anyone from Idaho is forced to buy health insurance, on the grounds of constitutionality.  Similar legislation is now pending in 37 other states. 

That could turn into a messy fight over state’s rights since it’s assumed that Federal Law supersedes that of the states.  Kinda like how Gollum likes his fish.

*btw – being originally from Michigan and hearing the OSU “don’t give a damn” song every time U of M plays OSU in football, I’m sure my rabid compatriots in Ohio can handle the jab.  And if not, then I’ll make you a deal – I’ll sing the song personally – IF – you all ouster Dennis Kucinich from his seat and put a Republican in there.

Yes, I drive a hard bargain.


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March 17, 2010 at 5:00 pm

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Only 36,000?

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Harry Reid is an insensitive jerk. 

That’s 36,000 who will be filing for unemployment insurance, 36,000 who now have to tell their families that they have to cut back on expenses and save what they can until something else comes around.  36,000 people who don’t think “only 36,000” is very good.

Too bad it wasn’t 36,000…and one.  Because you, Harry Reid, need to lose your job – for poor performance, general insubordination, and general incompetence.  Of course, then we might be able to take your salary and a few pay people better than you.

Good people of Nevada – do your country a favor and send this clown to the unemployment line.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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