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Going Negative

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So, in the spirit of going negative, I have a nice negative message of rabidity for all of you

With the pre-election season well underway, with many states in the Union having already finished their local caucuses or preparing for primaries/assemblies, etc, I wanted to take a second to look at the aspect at going negative.  And this rant, for once, is not directed at any liberal or progressive today.  No, it’d dedicated to all you Republicans out there who don’t seem to get the big picture.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment simply stated to not level criticism against fellow Republicans.  The Democrats are supposed to be the party of complaint and opposition, strife, and discord, but the GOP, as of late, has been playing dirty while grassroots groups like the 9-12’ers and the TEA party goers have been trying to unify the base around solid conservative values.

My advice: Stay to the bloody issues; don’t go negative.

However, I’ve noted in the elections going on around me that some of the candidates, particularly the ones who are feeling the pressure of potential loss, that they need to level ad hominem attacks against their primary challengers.  They dig up dirt, slap it onto a mailer and drop it in the mailbox.  While we need to be screaming at 105dB about the issues, candidates keep getting dirty by dredging up dirty laundry.  We start hearing the comments about how this guy once voted for this measure or this lady was part of so-and-so’s staff and suddenly, we need to, without delay, shift our vote.

But one thing that I see right off is that for every yin that one candidate throws at his/her opposition, there is a yang on its way back.  In short, there is no person in the world who doesn’t have some dirty laundry in their past.   Another reason why issues are more important than mudslinging.

Today, I’m registered GOP, but I was so close to unregistering and going independent because I didn’t see much difference between the Grand Old Party and the Democrat Party.  Both parties seem to be filled up with self-centered, ambitious opportunists that are more hell-bent on being the winner and taking the job than to consider what their actual constituencies want.    Never mind the fact there are races throughout the country that require the GOP members to unify and rally up support in order to stop the Obama agenda – no, these bone-brains think that they absolutely HAVE to be the person in office, otherwise, the Democrat will win.  The GOP needs to look at the big picture of crushing the Dems in November.

So, in the spirit of going negative, I have a nice negative message of rabidity for all of you candidates who are presently attacking other members of the GOP, rather than focusing solely on issues:  I’m so sick of you ambitious types!  All of you career politicians, insiders, and the like make me sick.  It’s any wonder why I became a delegate in the first place – I feel like all of you are only in this for yourselves, not for the good of the people, the party, and the country in general.

Reagan was right about politics being like prostitution.

It’s okay when you talk about issues, but I show up at an assembly and everyone wants to plaster me with a stupid sticker like I’m your bloody election billboard.  You send mailings to my house and I get junk e-mails filled with lies and half-truths, designed to persuade and dissuade, while your opponent sends me the same stuff about you.   You call me on the phone with fake recorded messages about how much you want my vote, but don’t have the common decency to call me yourself.  And for those of you who do call in person, I hear the ambitious insincerity in your voice.  You don’t give a rat’s butt about anything except getting into office – not to make the county, state, or country a better place, but because you just want the prestige of elected office.

Many of you don’t know what it means to live in a world where you’re not sure where your next meal comes from or how you need to make ends meet, looking at more bills than you have money.  Some of you sham artists have whole foundations tied to your family name, yet you claim to be salt-of-the-earth people like me.  Most of you people are aristocratic lawyers with some sort of superiority complex (never mind that I have a Master’s Degree and teach), claiming to know better than me.  You cry alligator tears when I show a particular disgust for something else that an elected official did and hope that you’re in the clear, so as to not ruin a re-election bid.

When the state assembly ends, getting you on the phone to discuss my issue, after you are elected into office will be next to impossible.  I send you an e-mail, heart-felt and with colossal concerns and I get form letters back, written by a slightly-post-adolescent staffer and signed by a stamped version of your signature. 

I expect this behavior from Democrats, since they often know no better, but to those of us on the right who just genuinely want our liberties protected, want to keep more money that we make, rather than deliver it to corrupt bureaucrats who squander it with ridiculous spending programs, you people show no distinction. 

So, for all of you posers, all of you phonies, all of you ambitious wanna-bes who court my vote, wake the heck up.  Stay on issues.  Focus on what we have to do in November.  That way, when you don’t win, going into the general in November, you can throw your support behind the leading candidate without having to recuse yourself of your spurious ad hominem comments.

Okay, I’m tired and done.  Let’s hear issues, people, not mudslinging….mmmkay?


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 27, 2010 at 12:21 am

3 Responses

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  1. With all the brouhaha in Washington DC over trying to get the amnesty bill passed I wonder if part of the reason they are anxious about it is Obama. After all, has anyone considered what the status of that particular illegal alien will be if the bill gets passed? Sure they want a whole slew of potential new Democrat voters to pander to as well. But maybe Obama is looking for a way to become legal without having a lawsuit bringing his illegal status to the full light of day in spite of his Democrat cronies through the discovery process.

    Heather Foster

    April 27, 2010 at 10:17 pm

  2. I second that. I am an Independent. I do not care much for either conservative or liberal thinking. I have two beliefs I try to live by: live in the moment and honest people given good information will make good decisions on what they want for their community. Well, maybe a few more. The free markets and government are tools not things to be worshiped. Republicans worship the free market and Democrats worship government. I have no use for either dogmatic philosophy.

    Mark Baird

    April 28, 2010 at 9:39 pm

  3. @Heather – I suspect the big push to support illegals being in this country comes simply from the idea that if we let them stay and get voting rights, they will be a bigger Democrat voting bloc. Never mind the entire Obama birth certificate thing, because if that ever became a lawsuit, it wouldn’t do any good in removing him from office in short order. Even if Obama won a second term in 2012 (God help us all), a case questioning his citizenship would get stalled until after he left office in 2016.

    This is just another way to wrest power and move the country more to the left wing’s power center.

    @Mark – Conservativesm isn’t necessarily tied to the GOP and Liberalism isn’t necessarily tied to the Democrat party. Conservative belief basically takes the rule of law, upon what this country was based, and locks it in stone so it doesn’t change capriciously. Our liberty is founded in unchanging laws.

    I’m not a big cheerleader for the GOP these days because they are hardly distinguishable from Democrats in Washington. Things at the grassroots are better, but Washington is a cesspool. The mode of thinking that we should espouse is not to do “what is right in our own eyes” but rather, to establish a freamework of obedience to the Constitution and what it says. Then we form society around that.


    April 28, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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