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Read First, Then Criticize

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Today, I got a piece of mail advertising this really cool opportunity to take a vacation (and God knows I would certainly enjoy one, that’s for sure).  Basically it’s a 5 day, 4 night trip with cruise in Florida, a stop over in the Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando, expenses paid.  Hotel, cruise, entertainment, food, the works with the “Extended Stay” package of $1,300.

And then, after getting to the end of the little booklet, I asked myself, “what’s this free thing going to cost me?”  Perhaps I should read the fine print and then criticize.  And then I found the catch:

…and in return, requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of independent vacation ownership resorts…”

Does anyone remember that episode from South Park where the parents of the kids went to Aspen for a free ski trip, only to get railroaded into sitting through presentation after presentation about buying a timeshare?  In the end, the parents all forked over the cash, since they were being held there at gunpoint by the sales people and the police.

Well, I guess I don’t get my beach/cruise vacation, at least one for free to central Florida.  No worries.  I would rather go to St. Croix.

But that timeshare idiocy is kinda like what’s been going on in the political world.

First, we started off with the massive Stimulus Bill that was chocked full with so much pork-barrel spending that it prompted Rush Limbaugh to name it the “Porkulus” bill.  The bill was pretty heavy duty, better than 1,000 pages long, and, as reported by US News and World Report, comes to a hefty $3.3 trillion.  No one but fiscal conservatives actually read that one, and by the time the we had read through it, it was law and we were on the hook for $3.3 trillion (which, by the way, was an immediate 60% increase to the National Debt.

Then came the ObamaCare package, which has been basically force fed on the American public, as if it weren’t passed in the next 72 hours, grandma would die from lack of health care, the sky would fall, and the events portrayed in the movie 2012 would most certainly occur.  That bill came in at well over 2,000 pages, but rather than even giving the American public 72 hours to read it (like my so-called free vacation and cruise voucher), the bill was crammed through Congress, just so we could see what was in it, as Nancy Lolla-Pelousi suggested we do.  That one is going to come in at over $1 trillion, even though the D-crats said it wouldn’t.  Of course, the Congressional Budget Office didn’t get any time to read it, much less the “five days” that it would sit on Obama’s desk before signature.  We didn’t have any time to read that.

Now, we’re hearing about how Eric “The Tool” Holder and Janet “Big…uhh…Sis” Napolitano, as well as the rest of ObamAd, inc absolutely detest the new Arizona immigration law, but yet, admit they never read the law, despite it is, but a measly ten pages. 

So let me get this straight…the #1 attorney in the nation and the Homeland Security Secretary have never read one of the most riveting laws regarding immigration in recent memory, but yet, they play for the same team that expect that the country to swallow $4.3 trillion in legislation without even giving it a cursory once over, only to cry foul when we actually DO read the bill and vocally criticize it.

I’m somewhat disturbed over the comments of Sens. Kyl and Cornyn that they are going to take the filibuster off of the table with regards to the Elena Kagan SCOTUS appointment.  Part of me thinks this is good because filibustering judicial nominees is something that D-crats do when they don’t want to give an up or down vote. 

But, rather than go through her appointment, credentials, anything, we should just say no to Kagan because, flatly, “We don’t like you.”.  No reading, just a flat denial.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh look, here’s another flyer for two complimentary air tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. if I would only call this toll-free number and verify my name and identity. 

Yeah, whatever.

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May 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

What If

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So I sat in my chair, thinking…

1) What if France did the unthinkable and dumped the Euro, re-established the Franc, and went it alone, as opposed to being pulled down by member states of the European Union?  Now, I’m not too skippy on the idea that Germany has to front most of the cash to bail out the Greeks, but then, I’ve never liked the idea of a European Union in the first place.  The issue is that Europe is so culturally diverse that a true union of European states isn’t possible.  But I wonder how their member states would flourish if they were allowed to compete on their own merits?

2) What if more politicians actually had the brass cajones to come out like Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey when a stupid reporter asked him about is so-called “confrontational tone”. Politicians over the last, oh, 75 years have worried about not trying to irritate people, so as to not burn bridges and lose electability.  But we find that the very best politicians are the ones who don’t play politics – they play results.  Of course, the last time we heard this stuff, it was back in 2007 when the media was all a-twitter about Dick Cheney having “gravitas”.

3) What if we had a mainstream media that was compassionate enough to cover the stories that mattered, not just the stories that drew big headlines?  Why are we still not hearing about the floods in Nashville?  It could wind up being one of the worst disasters in US history, and yet, every day, we hear about the Times Square bomber, the BP oil spill, and now, about Elena Kagan and whether her experience as the Dean of Harvard Law School makes her qualified to be a SCOTUS justice. 

4) What if politicians actually read the legislation on which they were asked to vote?  Why did we have to pass something so we can find out what’s in it?  Why can’t the American public get a straight answer when we’re asked to positively support a 4,000 page piece of legislation that we desperately need but no one knows what it says?  By the way, does anyone notice how health care is really not much of a debate these days?  I wonder what was so danged important about getting this done.  We had a term for that in the military, “hurry up and wait.”

5) And on the subject, why can’t political hacks like Eric Holder actually read the Arizona law before mouthing off how it’s so bad of legislation?  Of course, no one in the MSM is really criticizing Holder about this – I guess because he’s part of ObamAd, Inc, he gets a pass.  I wonder if his boss read it?

More what if’s to come…when I think up some more.  Comment below if you have some of your own.

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May 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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Lewinsky Reloaded? Nah, We’re Not Biting

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Folks, I also want to caution – conservatives will never win when we lower ourselves to mudslinging and feeding into the negativity.  We have a strong powerful message:  lower taxes, limited government, fiscal responsibility, moral leadership in the world, strong national defense, and an American identity that makes one proud; we need to focus squarely on that.

I don’t normally relish the thought of going to bat for Barack Obama.  Granted he’s still the President of the United States (which makes me just want to punch a wall every time I think about it).

But really…

Today the National Enquirer is trying to sensationalize and run a story that would equate to Lewinsky Reloaded.   Turns out, the target is Barack Obama and the supposed mistress is a 35 year old campaign staffer by the name of Vera Baker.  Evidently, the information got “leaked” that Baker was banished from the campaign by Michelle Obama.  The story initially broke back around 2009 and it would seem that The Enquirer is trying to dredge it back up. 

I don’t really take for truth most, if any, of what The National Enquirer  says, since they would run stories about hybrid bat people, this celeb bedding down with that no named pool boy, etc etc.  Even still, the stories that they do run – well, none of their staff has the cast iron gravitas to tie his/her name to the rubbish.

All the news that’s unfit to print, right guys?

As we all remember with rolling eyes, former President Bill Clinton got his hand caught in the proverbial nookie jar when it was revealed that he was having an…ahem…”inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky.   But it would seem that The Enquirer, now out of gas from the “Tiger Woods putting on another green” story, is gunning for something a bit more juicier, edgier, racier.

More eye rolling…

Do I believe this story to be true?  Not at all.   And while I still have a few reservations about whether or not Obama was actually born in Hawai’i, despite all the WorldNetDaily/Orly Tait circumstantial “evidence” to the contrary (not to mention the March 25, 2010 remarks on the Kenyan Parliament floorsubsequently removed from the Kenyan Parliament website) I am pretty certain that Obama isn’t that stupid to cheat on or get caught cheating on his wife. 

Considering that Michelle Obama is pretty scary to be taken lightly as a “woman scorned”.

But this post isn’t about all that.  It’s about the incessant appetite that America seems to have with scandalous stories about prominent figures and mistresses.  And for years on end, tabloid papers like The National Enquirer  have been feeding that craving.  Never mind anything about good journalistic integrity, fact checking, and responsible reporting of actual news, versus slinging slander, The Enquirer  has made its money by selling stories about stuff that people want to hear, whether or not it’s actually true.  And it would seem that the saucier the story is, the faster that the tabloids are looking to put it out there.

I guess the one thing that I really want to comment about, after it’s all said and done is a warning to my fellow conservatives.  In theory, if Bam-ster actually got involved in such a scandal, the damage to the Democrat Party would be so extreme that it would nearly guarantee GOP control of Congress after just four years of Democrat control.  And Bam would not at all be game for a 2012 run without some serious PR damage control and a widespread suspension of belief/truth by the main populace of Americans.  I mean, let’s hypothesize for a moment.   Let’s say that Bam Bam was just stupid enough to pull a Slick Willie…do you think someone like Robert Gibbs (fibs) would be able to tap dance that good and pull Bam’s…uh…bacon out of the fire?

Again, I’m sure Bam is not that stupid.  Granted he’s very a rank amateur when it comes to being a good government executive, with all of his time in the Oval Office being on-the-job training.  But I am pretty well certain that he’s not that irresponsibly brash in his arrogance that he would amount to this.  We knew about Clinton, even before he got into office.  Bam’s not that stupid; let me reiterate.

So why the story?

My guess, and this is the cynical, conspirator side of my psyche talking, that this little ditty is designed to grab the attention of those on the Right Wing who would just love to watch Obama go down in something reminiscent of Clinton. 

Folks, I also want to caution – conservatives will never win when we lower ourselves to mudslinging and feeding into the negativity.  We have a strong powerful message:  lower taxes, limited government, fiscal responsibility, moral leadership in the world, strong national defense, and an identity that makes one proud; we need to focus squarely on that.  If we resorted to this kind of stuff – stuff we would expect from the Hollywood-backed Left Wing,

Oh look, here’s a little nugget about Rielle Hunter, former John Edwards mistress talking about how she’s “responsible” for bringing down the only politician and presidential candidate (abeit two-time/two-timing loser) with Harpo Winfrey herself (another Obama cheerleader…).

Perhaps there’s some good dirt in there?

Oh yeah, right.

[after telling Jay that they’re going to check the “hot sheets,” Kay pulls up to a newsstand and buys a pile of supermarket tabloids]

Jay: *These* are the hot sheets?

Kay: Best investigative reporting on the planet. But go ahead, read the New York Times if you want. They get lucky sometimes.

Jay: I can’t believe you lookin’ for tips in the supermarket tabloids!

Kay: Not lookin’ for. Found.

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May 1, 2010 at 2:32 pm

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