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What If

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So I sat in my chair, thinking…

1) What if France did the unthinkable and dumped the Euro, re-established the Franc, and went it alone, as opposed to being pulled down by member states of the European Union?  Now, I’m not too skippy on the idea that Germany has to front most of the cash to bail out the Greeks, but then, I’ve never liked the idea of a European Union in the first place.  The issue is that Europe is so culturally diverse that a true union of European states isn’t possible.  But I wonder how their member states would flourish if they were allowed to compete on their own merits?

2) What if more politicians actually had the brass cajones to come out like Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey when a stupid reporter asked him about is so-called “confrontational tone”. Politicians over the last, oh, 75 years have worried about not trying to irritate people, so as to not burn bridges and lose electability.  But we find that the very best politicians are the ones who don’t play politics – they play results.  Of course, the last time we heard this stuff, it was back in 2007 when the media was all a-twitter about Dick Cheney having “gravitas”.

3) What if we had a mainstream media that was compassionate enough to cover the stories that mattered, not just the stories that drew big headlines?  Why are we still not hearing about the floods in Nashville?  It could wind up being one of the worst disasters in US history, and yet, every day, we hear about the Times Square bomber, the BP oil spill, and now, about Elena Kagan and whether her experience as the Dean of Harvard Law School makes her qualified to be a SCOTUS justice. 

4) What if politicians actually read the legislation on which they were asked to vote?  Why did we have to pass something so we can find out what’s in it?  Why can’t the American public get a straight answer when we’re asked to positively support a 4,000 page piece of legislation that we desperately need but no one knows what it says?  By the way, does anyone notice how health care is really not much of a debate these days?  I wonder what was so danged important about getting this done.  We had a term for that in the military, “hurry up and wait.”

5) And on the subject, why can’t political hacks like Eric Holder actually read the Arizona law before mouthing off how it’s so bad of legislation?  Of course, no one in the MSM is really criticizing Holder about this – I guess because he’s part of ObamAd, Inc, he gets a pass.  I wonder if his boss read it?

More what if’s to come…when I think up some more.  Comment below if you have some of your own.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Posted in Political

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