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TSA = Terror Support Administration

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And why?  Because TSA has decreed that they have to take more than a peek under Grandma’s dress and/or grope her in order to give license to doing the same thing to Ali Al-Kaboom.

These last couple weeks have really made me wonder if we are really winning the War on Terror or if we’re just raising the white flag in surrender when we lift our arms to be groped by the TSA or photographed in our birthday suits. 

America, as a general rule, has become wussified in the light of what Al Qaida has been doing over the last 10-20 years.  Al Qaida is a terror group – they incite terror to draw attention to their cause.  That cause: to persecute any country (and particularly America) for enjoying freedom and liberty.

So, America responds with “increased security measures” because we’re scared that some clown will put a bomb in his BVD’s or a box cutter in his shoe.  In short, Americans have become afraid of dying and being hurt, so they are now obsessed with this notion of surrendering the very freedoms we all so dearly enjoy.  Our government seems to hold security as its highest ideal, rather than freedom and liberty.  So, let me take a moment and rewrite the final line of the Declaration of Independence.

And for the support of this Declaration these new security measures, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence the Government, we mutually pledge to each other each other’s our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

I guess we can call it the Declaration of Dependence now, eh?

Now, let’s be frank for just a moment.  Out of all the terror threats in the world, where is it coming from?  If you said, “The Islamic World”, you would be right.  But for some reason, the political America is so wussified over acknowledging this idea that 99.95% of all terror in the world is done by Muslims (and most often against other Muslims – but that’s a separate issue).  So rather than the TSA and our intelligence community taking steps to look at the sources of where it’s coming from, they just automatically suspect that the 75 year old white-haired lady is working for an American terror cell and probably has bomb making material in her purse.

And then with the voyeurism and groping…

And why?  Because TSA has decreed that they have to take more than a peek under Grandma’s dress and/or grope her in order to give license to doing the same thing to Ali Al-Kaboom.

I don’t mean to sound like a racist or so-called Islamo-phobe.  I will agree that most of the Islamic world is probably peace loving and without inclinations to incite terror.  I would also say that much of the Islamic world also hates America and everything she stands for, but they’re not out blowing up planes or knocking down buildings.  By the way, that’s about the same attitude as the rest of the world, actually.  But if we look at the threat objectively, there are far more Muhammad-freaks out there, ready to be a suicide bomber than there are Jesus-freaks. 

Uh oh, Grandma has a copy of the Qur’an in her purse…

The reason why I think it might actually be a good idea here is that it would amply provide a reason for the mainstream Islamic community to clean up their own back yard.  They might actually begin to reason, “hey, these fanatical lunatics that are associating with us are causing us all to look bad – we need to put a stop to that.”   Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.  But I’m willing to put the problem on ridding the world of the Islamic terrorists on the Islamic world.  We’ll take care of all those droves of Judeo-Christian terror groups who are ready to commit hari-kari in the name of Jesus (or G_d – for my non-Messianic Jewish friends).

However, as long as our “beloved” government continues to be more concerned about “image” and “political correctness”, rather than with actually doing the things necessary to keep the country safe, we, as citizens, will be asked to continue to sacrifice liberty after liberty, freedom after freedom – and for what – to live in an America that no longer is beacon of liberty and freedom.  And as that happens, those that hate America and the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy will achieve their objectives.

My wife came up with this thought: maybe as a pre-check measure is to tell the TSA that Muhammad can kiss my rear-end while chomping heartily on a BLT sandwich.  Then, have the TSA look through the crowd and see if anyone starts yelling, “Death to America”. 

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November 20, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Fair and Balanced – I Wonder If Olbermann Agrees Now

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I’m reading the news today and found an interesting article about (p)MSNBC suspending Keith Olbermann without pay for donating to political candidates during the last election run.

The article almost makes me wonder if NBC was just looking for a good reason to let Olbermann go.  We’re talking about a pretty draconian move over $7,200 of Olbermann’s own empire.  I think the Business Insider did a pretty good job in catching that point.  I have the belief that there is something else at work, more than a fair and balanced news organization punishing someone who stepped out of bounds.

The problem today is isn’t whether news is fair and balanced, because short of a few rarities, it really never has been, it’s the fact that we have this belief that it is, or more, that it should be.

Whenever we listen to someone tell us something, we put a certain amount of value into what they say.  If we resect them and/or their opinion, we listen more to what they say (regardless of the truth value).  It goes for whether individual people talk or whether we listen to someone pontificate or “deliver the news”.  But as they speak, they speak through a filter.  Hannity does it.  Olbermann does it.  Rush does it…doesn’t matter who it is.  We need to understand that people speak from the basis of their own views and opinions.  We respect those views more when they resonate with our own and validate our beliefs.  Such is the way of the world.

Simply: communication flows from the source, through a filter, through potential disruption and interference, through another filter, into the ears of the receiver.

So then, why should we have any sort of expectation from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, or Smalltown Channel 3 that they and theirs will give it to us straight?  Oh, because one company denies its employees the right to donate to the political groups or candidates of their choice?  I think not.

I think it comes from the fact that people have no idea what their core values are and as such, don’t know who to listen to.  So, a news organization comes in and preaches an agreeable message that keeps them glued to their TV’s (and there watching the commercials).  News, like anything else, is a product.

Ultimately, it comes down to the point that people will read the news they want to read, rather than reading to educate.  News, anymore, is not about informing anyone of anything, but rather, about numbers, about money, and about the “product” delivery to the customer.

Okay, I digressed badly.  Back to Olbermann…

I personally don’t have a problem if he wants to donate money to the candidates that he supports, even if I think they are all idiots.  That’s how our political system works.  Evidently, NBC had a problem with it and suspended the guy.  In short, he broke company policy.

So, what will Olbermann and NBC do with all of this?  Could go either way.  NBC could bring Olbermann back, particularly if there are contract issues that are too sticky to work through.  Or, NBC could fire him, since every commentator on Fox News outdoes Olbermann every night; it might work to try a new face behind the desk.

So, it’s NBC then that is trying to improve its product and now has a good justification to throw Olbermann under the bus without having to honor any contract stipulations.

Where do you think it will go?   Shoot me your comments and let me know.

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November 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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Republicans Go Rabid and Clean House

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And as I heard, Nancy Pelosi is out of a job…

When I started TRC in a big way, it was a November night like this one and Barack Obama had just won the presidency on his silly “hope and change” referendum.  So here I am, two years later, and after a general hiatus for about six months (no questions, please), and watching the news again, seeing the Dems lose the House after vehemently taking it away from the GOP in 2006.

But what is tonight really about?  I’ve heard the conservative pundits out there say it’s a “rejection of Obamacare” or “rejection of liberalism”, or “rejection of Democrats.  But while these reasons are partially true, what is also true is that tonight’s stunning GOP win was that it’s about Americans in droves, coming out to say that they are tired of not being heard by Washington and they want a different direction for the economy and the Country in general.

Americans have spoken, but the message isn’t, “Dems are out; we like elephants.”  No, tonight’s message is, “you better start listening to us or we WILL fire you.”

Right now, most Americans are incensed towards both parties because both parties have demonstrated their real constituency are their special interest groups, and none of those groups are “The People of the United States”.

The Dems have five weeks left to call the shots and try to railroad their crazy policies through the system.  But come January, it will be on the GOP to govern as they campaign.  More than likely, the GOP will try to get some things done – passing a conservative budget, repealing ObamaCare, or some other thing.  It will slide through the House, get caught up in a hung Senate, only to get vetoed by President Obama.  That’s what we have for the next two years…and it’s just alright.  I think people are tired of having their country fundamentally changed.

Obama said today, “"Are we taking the steps now to move us in the right direction, or are going to go back to the policies that got us into that mess in the first place?”.   Hopefully neither.  Every conservative knows that George Bush was not a fiscal conservative and the GOP congress of the time got drunk off their own spending.  The Dems played that counter card against spending in 2006, but never delivered on their promise.  So, a new class of congressional leaders are on their way in.  Folks, keep them accountable.

As for Pelosi, the word on the street is that her Queen-Bee-ness is going to take her pantsuits and leave the Capitol, heading back for the Napa Valley to grow grapes and drown out her sorrow in a glass of red wine.  Break out the good stuff, Nancy-kins.  It tastes better going down.

Speaking of going down, that’s what the Dems are doing right now.  As Obama said a couple years ago, “change is on the way.”

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November 2, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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