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Democrats Admit: Obama Can’t Win on His Platform

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It’s basically like saying, we suck, but we want you to suck more so we have a chance.

So, the Dummy-crats are up to new tricks.  They are so worried about how badly Obama is going to have his lunch handed to him in the 2012 re-election bid, they have put up a website called Primaries 4 Palin.  (I don’t link to liberal nonsense through The Rabid Conservative so I’ll just give you the Google Search results page).

So a group of idiots called Operation Lipstick (probably a group of failed Avon or Mary Kay Ladies) have decided to push to undermine the system by doing everything they can to get Sarah Palin elected in the GOP primary races, should she run for 2012.   They figure, if Palin were to win the primary, she wouldn’t have a chance against Barack Obama.

Never mind that Barack Obama has already demonstrated his policies are about as useful as a submarine with a screen door.  Never mind ObamaAd grossly mishandled the BP oil spill (and they had the audacity to criticize Bush for Katrina).  Never mind that his foreign policy continues to embolden our enemies and weaken our military.  Never mind that the Obama Administration has sunk more money than all the previous presidents of modern history and the Dufus-crat Congress has the lowest approval rating in history.

I think Palin could beat Obama, given this pathetic track record anyhow.

Instead of giving us a good reason to look at him on his merits, no, these old hens have to mount a campaign to sabotage the GOP effort.  It’s basically like saying, we suck, but we want you to suck more so we have a chance.

I vote they change their name to Operation Dipstick.  These kinds of stupid tricks don’t work.   But let’s hope they sink lots of money into the project, that way, they don’t have it for real electioneering.



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December 30, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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In Short: More Evidence of What Grows Economies

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Liberals continue to ignore the evidence all around them.  Today, the Washington Examiner printed this rather insightful article that shows what grows economies.  In short, not taxing the so-called rich into oblivion, giving people the right to spend their own increase as they wish, and encouraging businesses to grow through liberty and freedom is the reason why Texas is kicking the pants off of everywhere else in the nation.

If we want America to grow we need to keep taxes low, get the government the heck out of people’s lives (net-neutrality nonsense), and hold to the Constitutional values that make our land the envy of the entire world.

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December 22, 2010 at 11:46 pm

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