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Assorted Bricks: Schumer is Dumb, I’d Love to Slap Mahmoud, and New Media Vocabulary

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So, as I peruse the news today, looking for something on wish to rant, I remember a blogger friend of mine who used to just cut snippets and throw out a paragraph, basically ranting. 

1) Up-Chuck Schumer is a moron.  Here he is making a statement that “House Republicans should decline health coverage for themselves and their families”.  First of all, Chuckie, what’s going to happen when the Dufus-crat health scare bill comes online.  There is no “declining” because you have to have health care.  And it’s not about whether we disagree with health care, it’s because we disagree that you force every citizen into having coverage without a Constitutional leg to stand on. 

2) Nancy “Queen-Bee” Pelosi and Obama have fun in the sun in Hawai’i however, it seems that We the People get stuck with the bill.  I mean, really, why in the heck does any one person deserve the right to take a $1.4M vacation on the taxpayers’ nickel?  I think the US Budget Office should send them a bill. 

3) So, according to a WikiLeaks dump, we hear that Ahmed-de-nut-job got slapped by the head of the Revolutionary Guard.  I wonder if it could have been as good as about the 2:00 mark of this video.  Probably not, but one can always dream.  Maybe if we hit him hard enough, his eyes would get closer together?

4) So what’s with all the dead birds and fish? (link, link, link, and link)  I’m pretty sure the Green-unists will find some way to blame it all on climate change, global warming, or whatever the heck they’re calling it these days.

5) Fifth and final, I learned a new word today: schmegeggy.  At least Brian Williams is keeping us all very well informed while he complains about being very well groped by the TSA.

Okay, I’m going to bed.  Enough ranting for now.  The GOP takes over the House in the morning and the first order of business is a repeal of ObamaCare.  It won’t get repealed with a Dem-kopfen Senate but perhaps they can take steps to defund it.

Or someone can just smack them all in the schmegeggy…


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 4, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Posted in Political

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