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Only When It Goes Their Way

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Elections have consequences.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama made a very clear "in your face" kind of statement that solidified the GOP opposition’s resolve:

"Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won."

I don’t think he would have made such a spurrious statement if he knew the kind of tidal wave that crashed against the Democratic doors at the hands of the Tea Party and GOP.

So, here it is 2011 and Mr. Obama’s statement is absolutely true – however, the consequences are no longer pointing in the Democrats favor. Elections have consequences and the GOP just got put into office by the people of Wisconsin.

Newly-elected Governor Walker has proposed a series of changes that would, effectively, take $30m from the state’s $3.6 billion budget. Gone though, would be ability for labor unions in the state to collectively bargain except for wage increases, as well as forcing employees to pay union dues and require a vote to stay organized.

Police and firefighters would be exempted, but the law would apply to state and local public employees.

By the way, I’m not a big fan of things like Card Check and mandatory union membership initiatives. If people want to be part of a union, great, but no union should ever have the ability to force anyone who doesn’t want to contribute or be a part into it. That’s basically communistic behavior, in my opinion.

Democrats cry foul because they feel like they’ve been cut out of the process with respect to the spending reforms proposed by Governor Walker.

Really? Kind of like how the Dems ram-rodded things like ObamaCare down everyone’s throats and locked the GOP out of the discussion – because they could without impunity. And then, the Dems pontificate how "elections have consequences" and that "this is what we get".

Shoe’s on the other foot now. I don’t hear many of them talking about how elections have consequences now.

Instead, the Dems walked out of their legislature as a stunt to prevent a quorum and hold up the vote. They’ve all moved onto Illinois, out of the reach of the Wisconsin State Police who are at the border ready to bring them back to the Capitol to do their elected duty.

The duty that their constituents elected them to do, by the way.

In any other industry, if you walked off the job, you risk termination. However, these Dems are being allowed to hold up the Democratic process in an way that is not in keeping with the spirit and traditions of the United States as well as the Wisconsin Constitution.

Personally, they should forfeit all pay for joining the unions and going on strike until they return to Wisconsin and report for work. They should get no benefit from their positions as elected senators, since they aren’t willing to do their jobs. And when they get back, they should be publically censured for their unprofessional behavior.

The Founders would be mortified at their conduct.

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February 18, 2011 at 4:50 pm

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News Insanity

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So, today as I peruse the headlines, awaiting my family to come home for V-Day, I found a plethora of oddity in the headlines.  So, as I type away, here are some of the silly points that caught my eye.

Headless Woman Died of Natural Causes – Yeah, I get what happened and all after reading the story and while it’s gruesome to be sure, when I read the headline, all I can ask, "What was the cause, pneumonia?" 

Bill Would Ban Stoplight Texting – Once again, another reach by the government to regulate behavior.   Perhaps it’s necessary because idiots can’t break their social stride for a few minutes to make sure they’re driving safely, but whenever the government starts pontificating rules in order to get people to do what would be “common sense”, well, we’re in a world of nonsense.

Oh, and like some law is going to stop the idiots from texting at stoplights.  They’ll just drive and text.

Obama Failed on Budget – Wow.  This is news?  Really?  Obama hasn’t passed a budget yet that has been good.   In case there are people who wonder what is a successful budget, well, perhaps we don’t spend more money than we take in – balancing a budget is success.   Failure to balance a budget is failure.  Plain and simple.  This is not news because there’s nothing new about it.  If it were, it would be, “White House Announces Balanced Budget Plan”.

Mubarak Falls Into Coma After Final Speech – This would sound odd to me, but the conspiracy theorist in me makes me wonder.  If the Egyptian opposition takes over full power of the government from the military, we are pretty certain they’ll want to pull Mubarak back into a courtroom somewhere where he’ll be offered copious amounts of “justice”.

I love how the demonstrators, by the way, are chanting freedom and yet, the military has claimed power, disbanded the parliament and suspended their constitution.  Hmm…sounds like the makings of a nice democratic state of freedom.

Well, that’s all the oddity I wanna talk about now, since the family is home.  But with all of this craziness today, it’s surprising that Lady GooGoo hasn’t started hatching out of an egg on stage or anything…

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February 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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Gaga vs. Diana

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In the interest of taking a day off from Obama/Democrat bashing, let me change gears and just be absurd.  I couldn’t resist…

Sometimes, people’s choice of eyewear gets too obvious:

First, we have Jane Badler back when she did V the right way…not that schlock of a show that’s going on now:

Lady Gaga? Well, while some may disagree, Stefani hasn’t done anything right as far as I’m concerned:

I might be off my hinges, but maybe she’s reptilian?  With Diana, you just had to tear the face mask off to see the lizard.  With Gaga, well, you have about that additional 1/4” of make up too…

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February 12, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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AOL’s Newest Folly and Olbermann’s Meaningless Gig

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Well, this week has seen some pretty hair-brained things with respect to how the liberal media is working to continue to position itself to spout more of its nonsense in the world.  When you get a two-fer of these things, you just gotta blog it – because it’s much like watching dirty water go down a drain.

Back in my early days of internet access, I used to use America Online.  But over time, as AOL started instituting stupid rules and it began to be less and less interesting – I got a local dialup ISP and never looked back.  Since that time, AOL has gone to the dogs – that was over fifteen years ago.

Well, now it’s gone to the Ariannas.

Specifically, I’m going on about AO-Hell buying up the Huffington Post (aka the Huff and Puff news) for $315 million.  And from that acquisition, Arianna will lead the Huffington Post Media Group which will be merging HuffPo with AOL’s content.

"I want to stay forever," Huffington told analysts on a conference call. "I want this to be my last act.

Like they ever had any of relevance.  But then, I’m really wondering here – who is really getting gypped here? 

By joining up with AOL, it may very well be your last act, Arianna.  But hey, an ultra-lib faux-news site bonding with a washed up internet company – maybe Arianna will do the next "You’ve Got Mail" in her scratchy Greek voice.  That should get the liberals raving.  More like, "You’ve Got Liberal Hate-Speech!"

One other move that I just thought was choice was Keith Olbermann’s move to the Al Gore channel.  Essentially the former Mr. (p)MSNBC, still whining and grumbling because NBC wouldn’t pay him what he thought he was worth, has gone off to Current TV?

Does anyone here even know who Current TV is?   Does anyone really care? 

Wow.  I wonder if that place where Current TV is and where Huff-AOL-Puff is going is like the esoteric elephant grave yard or something – a place where dumbkopfen liberal ideas go to die.

Oh well – *yawn*.  I’m bored now.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 8, 2011 at 6:08 pm

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