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News Insanity

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So, today as I peruse the headlines, awaiting my family to come home for V-Day, I found a plethora of oddity in the headlines.  So, as I type away, here are some of the silly points that caught my eye.

Headless Woman Died of Natural Causes – Yeah, I get what happened and all after reading the story and while it’s gruesome to be sure, when I read the headline, all I can ask, "What was the cause, pneumonia?" 

Bill Would Ban Stoplight Texting – Once again, another reach by the government to regulate behavior.   Perhaps it’s necessary because idiots can’t break their social stride for a few minutes to make sure they’re driving safely, but whenever the government starts pontificating rules in order to get people to do what would be “common sense”, well, we’re in a world of nonsense.

Oh, and like some law is going to stop the idiots from texting at stoplights.  They’ll just drive and text.

Obama Failed on Budget – Wow.  This is news?  Really?  Obama hasn’t passed a budget yet that has been good.   In case there are people who wonder what is a successful budget, well, perhaps we don’t spend more money than we take in – balancing a budget is success.   Failure to balance a budget is failure.  Plain and simple.  This is not news because there’s nothing new about it.  If it were, it would be, “White House Announces Balanced Budget Plan”.

Mubarak Falls Into Coma After Final Speech – This would sound odd to me, but the conspiracy theorist in me makes me wonder.  If the Egyptian opposition takes over full power of the government from the military, we are pretty certain they’ll want to pull Mubarak back into a courtroom somewhere where he’ll be offered copious amounts of “justice”.

I love how the demonstrators, by the way, are chanting freedom and yet, the military has claimed power, disbanded the parliament and suspended their constitution.  Hmm…sounds like the makings of a nice democratic state of freedom.

Well, that’s all the oddity I wanna talk about now, since the family is home.  But with all of this craziness today, it’s surprising that Lady GooGoo hasn’t started hatching out of an egg on stage or anything…


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Posted in Political

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