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Only When It Goes Their Way

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Elections have consequences.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama made a very clear "in your face" kind of statement that solidified the GOP opposition’s resolve:

"Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won."

I don’t think he would have made such a spurrious statement if he knew the kind of tidal wave that crashed against the Democratic doors at the hands of the Tea Party and GOP.

So, here it is 2011 and Mr. Obama’s statement is absolutely true – however, the consequences are no longer pointing in the Democrats favor. Elections have consequences and the GOP just got put into office by the people of Wisconsin.

Newly-elected Governor Walker has proposed a series of changes that would, effectively, take $30m from the state’s $3.6 billion budget. Gone though, would be ability for labor unions in the state to collectively bargain except for wage increases, as well as forcing employees to pay union dues and require a vote to stay organized.

Police and firefighters would be exempted, but the law would apply to state and local public employees.

By the way, I’m not a big fan of things like Card Check and mandatory union membership initiatives. If people want to be part of a union, great, but no union should ever have the ability to force anyone who doesn’t want to contribute or be a part into it. That’s basically communistic behavior, in my opinion.

Democrats cry foul because they feel like they’ve been cut out of the process with respect to the spending reforms proposed by Governor Walker.

Really? Kind of like how the Dems ram-rodded things like ObamaCare down everyone’s throats and locked the GOP out of the discussion – because they could without impunity. And then, the Dems pontificate how "elections have consequences" and that "this is what we get".

Shoe’s on the other foot now. I don’t hear many of them talking about how elections have consequences now.

Instead, the Dems walked out of their legislature as a stunt to prevent a quorum and hold up the vote. They’ve all moved onto Illinois, out of the reach of the Wisconsin State Police who are at the border ready to bring them back to the Capitol to do their elected duty.

The duty that their constituents elected them to do, by the way.

In any other industry, if you walked off the job, you risk termination. However, these Dems are being allowed to hold up the Democratic process in an way that is not in keeping with the spirit and traditions of the United States as well as the Wisconsin Constitution.

Personally, they should forfeit all pay for joining the unions and going on strike until they return to Wisconsin and report for work. They should get no benefit from their positions as elected senators, since they aren’t willing to do their jobs. And when they get back, they should be publically censured for their unprofessional behavior.

The Founders would be mortified at their conduct.


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February 18, 2011 at 4:50 pm

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