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The Unions Lose in Wisconsin – They Had It Coming

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I have no problem saying it.

I’m not a big fan of most of the labor union cabals in this country.  Perhaps a long time ago, back when there wasn’t any federal labor law, the unions had a purpose.  But today, most unions have very little utility – they just exist and extort money from large companies for the big union bosses.  While the corporate leaders in America aren’t exactly squeaky clean themselves, unions leaders are pretty much the same.  It’s all a fight over money when it comes right down to it.

This is why I have no problem saying, “they had it coming” when watching the unions lose their collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.  The Democrats elected by those that support the unions ran and hid like the little wussy cowards they were.  They demonstrated they don’t truly believe in democracy, because when the deck was stacked against them, they ran away.  Losers.

Well, the Liberals are going nuts now because the GOP refused to be held hostage by a band of politicians who lacked the courage to allow the democratic process to go forward.  Instead of standing in the halls of the Wisconsin capitol and voting their conscience, they ran away and hid in another state.   Chants calling the GOP cowards for passing this through – how funny.  At least the GOP didn’t pack up and leave town out of the range of the state police so they wouldn’t be forced to do what they were elected to do.

Oh, yeah, now THAT’S brave.

Remember, the lesson here is the one that the Democrats pontificated to us when they won in 2006 and 2008 – elections have consequences and to the winner go the spoils.

It’s sad really.

Do you liberals out there even see the similarity?  You people ram-rodded a grossly unconstitutional health hijack bill down the throats of Americans who declared they didn’t want it.  But you all didn’t care – you people rammed it down anyway, locking the GOP out of the room and in a very underhanded way, pushed your socialism through.   And then you people had the audacity to pat yourselves on the back like you actually did something great. 

So, when the GOP does it, it’s underhanded, undemocratic, and cowardly. 

In short, it’s what I’ve said before – democrats adhere to a double-standard.  But it’s okay because they’re “standing up for the little guy” against the big bad corporations – the ones that provide the jobs that these union/socialist people sign up to work.

Congrats Governor Walker and the Senate 18 that stayed at work, doing what they were elected to do. 


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March 9, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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