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Assorted Bricks: A Tale of Two Kids

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1) So, to start, I tell a tale of two kids – one with a mom who will probably teach her the entitlement activity and one kid with the can-do entrepreneurial spirit that is about as American

A woman sues her kid’s pre-school after less than a month because the school “did not do enough to prep the kid for her Ivy League future”.  The tuition, which the school told her was non-refundable, was $19,000.  Really, like the kid’s future was going to be decided by how the kid finger-painted or what block she stacked on another. 

Or maybe she is destined for Ivy League, as they’re full of whiny liberals seeking entitlement anyway.

Sounds like to me a good old fashioned case of buyer’s remorse.

Meanwhile, this kid is going places.  13 year old Hart Main created a business selling scented candles, man-scented candles.  He got to thinking that there were no man-smelling candles after making fun of his sister’s girlie candle sales.  The scents – Gear Head, Fresh Mitt, New York Pizza or Fresh Cut Grass.  The top customers – the Ladies.

Well, Hart, let me drive some hits to your website. 

Get your own Man Can

2)  Sometimes, the coolest app ever that you find for your phone isn’t so cool after it lands you in the pokie.  This guy must have thought that he could be a cop after downloading an app to make red-blue lights flash on his phone.  I guess it takes more than an iPhone app to be a cop, eh?

3)  Finally, another good story from the devastation in Japan.  Turns out the Japanese is showing how very different they are from much of the world in how they are handling the disaster – by not stealing and looting.  Very much unlike the disaster situations that occurred in Los Angeles during the riots, Hurricane Katrina, or other areas of the world.  If only other nations could show such solidarity.  Even in America, the solidarity that occurred around 9/11 was short lived.

My prayers go out to the people of Japan.  Time for me to get a new candle.

Stay rabid, my friends.


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March 15, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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