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Assorted Bricks: Kaddafi, The Brits, Michael Moore, and Trump

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First, the Brits decided that flying into Libya to create a no-fly zone was the best way to begin to deal with the latest Kaddafi flare-up, ObamAd Inc shows pure indecisiveness, dithering, and a complete inability to lead.  Obama and DoD is sending out confusing signals about what they actually want to do.  Do we really want to get rid of Kaddafi or not? 

I like Donald Trump’s idea – surgical strike.  Here’s a link to the video where he talks about a few other things, like Birthers, Sheen, and the other GOP candidates, as well as a call to dropping a bomb on Colonel Kaddafi.

(after all, if he can’t get a promotion after, what 30-40 years in the military that he runs, perhaps he should be carpet bombed, right?)

And then, we get this news: the Brits decide to cut taxes in order to spur on their economy.  This is something that ObamAd, Inc can’t see through their stupid, idealistic, so-called progressivism.  Someone in the British government got the idea that if you want economy to flow, then stop standing in the way of those people who move the economy, who buy and sell. 

Reducing government waste spending increases economy because it puts more money back into the hands of the people who buy and sell.

The thing is, while the progressives want economic recovery, they want to divest the rich of their affluence and distribute it to those that they believe should have it.  Never mind the fundamental right to property and actually keeping what one earns, dangerous hack-tivist organizations like SEIU are now plotting actions intended to disrupt the American economy and generally try to undermine the capitalistic system on which America operates.  People like that corpulent sorry excuse for a movie maker, Michael Moore showing up in Wisconsin and pontificating how the rich don’t actually own their wealth, but rather, it belongs to “all of us” while he sits on a mondo pile of cash of his own.  I didn’t see him handing out duckets to those in the Union halls who could use a leg up to defend their cause.  No, he spends his time playing both sides against the middle and taking the whopping checks to the bank, like the fat greedy capitalist pig that he preaches against.

Folks, as rabid conservatives, we know all about this stuff.  We know all about Obama’s impotence, SEIU’s evil scheming, and Michael Moore’s massive waist line that is only overshadowed by his hypocrisy. 

So what do we do about it?

We keep talking to those people that matter.  Not our congressional leaders or the so-called movers and shakers, but the real people that matter, namely those people on the other side of five-foot privacy fence.  We need to keep talking to each other, blogging, recording, going to meetings, and making a difference.

Finally, I’ve been asked a couple of times what I thought about a Donald Trump run for President.  You know, I’ve always thought Trump to be, despite his success, a jerk at times.  Perhaps that’s bias because the man has more decisiveness in his left pinkie than I do and that sometimes bugs me.  But the man has a lot of good insight on American greatness and what it’s going to take to get that back.  I’m liking his straight-talk ideas on the economy.  He’s not a politician, and I am thinking we need an anti-politician in the White House. 

Stay rabid, my friends.  2012 will be here before you know it.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 23, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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