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NH Supremes Rule Against Homeschooling Mom

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The NH Supreme court ruled on March 16th that a child would be required to be taken out of her home school, a school which she doesn’t want to leave, and be put into public school because the child was not given the opportunity to explore other points of view, other than her religious beliefs.

It doesn’t matter that the kid is ahead of her peers academically or that the kid doesn’t want to go to public school.  No, because she has adamant religious beliefs, the State has concluded that she isn’t open-minded enough and that the public school is required to remedy that, a position that the non-custodial father agrees with.

Now this statement is really more subtle from the NH Supremes because it was a lower court decision being upheld by the NH Supreme Court.  And the NH Supreme Court decided that because it’s a parent-vs-parent squabble, they would avoid the whole homeschooling point.  But the case is all about whether the child is to be forced into a public school setting against her wishes.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court is clearly overstepping its bounds in this case.  It is not up to the state to determine whether a kid is being exposed to this view or that.  It’s up to the parents to decide the educational future of the child.  And while I believe the father does get a legal say in it, really, it’s not up to him, since it’s mom that has custody.

Again, did we mention, the kid academically superior and socially interactive (a too-common and ignorant myth made about homeschoolers).  But because she has a religious opinion and is vehemently adamant about it, she is punished by a society that, once again, has it in for homeschoolers.

Of course, the liberal ignoramuses in New Hampshire can’t accept that because liberals believe in using the powers of the State to get what they want, rather than deferring to the correct authority – the parent.

Another reason why I think all liberals should just take a long walk off a short pier.   When they lose in the marketplace of ideas, they use the government to coerce people into getting their way and then claim victory in the name of liberalism.

One of the comments to this article asked the question, “well, why doesn’t mom and kid move to a state that is more friendly towards homeschool”.

The answer, actually is that if mom attempted to do that, there is precedent that could cost mom the rights, particularly in the socially liberal state of New Hampshire.  The story of Lisa Miller’s fight to keep her daughter from her former lesbian lover Janet Jenkins comes to mind.  At present, Lisa Miller is missing, probably out of the country, since Vermont ordered that Ms. Miller surrender her daughter to Jenkins, a woman who is not her parent, both legally and biologically, yet has managed to gain custody because of the so-called gay rights sentiment in Vermont. 

My guess is that if this parent attempted to flee, she would lose custody of her child.

Basically, in reading the Court’s opinion, Dad became discontented because he wasn’t getting enough time with his daughter, and because his little girl wasn’t integrating with his family situation, given that he had remarried and had another child by her.  Because the kid objects to his behavior, she is being messed up by mom and her church.

I’m telling you, this kid is going to grow up hating her father and maybe her mother in a few years – she’s 12 or 13 now.  In just five years, the kid is going to resent them for all of this.  It’s in these cases that the child is completely powerless.  I really hate these kinds of stories.

The thing is, the kid doesn’t want to be in public school, so what is that going to do to her grades?  She’s not going to associate with kids in her school.  She’s probably going to rebel and what will happen then?  Kid will probably end up suspended.

And all because Daddy can’t handle the fact that daughter has an opinion that differs from his and his childish pride can’t accept that. 


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March 24, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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