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Trump Beats Obama

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I’ve not been really much into the entire birth certificate thing and, really, there hasn’t been much to the story as far as The Rabid Conservative has been concerned.  But I do find it amusing that, after all the yammering from Orly Taitz and World Net Daily, what has been produced is already being torn apart as a fake.

Which brings us to The Donald.  No one can now deny that Trump was able to do something that Ms. Taitz and the host of the birther movement was unable to do – get Obama to show his long form birth certificate.  With the poll numbers blowing up against That One, well, it stands to reason that this whole thing was win-win for Trump.  If Obama didn’t release the document, then Trump can continue to press the issue and demonstrate that Obama has things to hide.  If he releases it, then Trump can claim the win and say that he was able to force the Bam-ster’s hand. (not that it was an overly big deal for Obama to do this, but it makes one wonder what the big deal was)

This is huge for Trump because he can use this to say that he doesn’t need to use the government’s bureaucratic machine to get something done – he can rally the people.  Granted, Trump has a pretty big bully pulpit and can connect with the public, more than most in this country, but that’s what it’s about.  That’s how Obama won in the first place – and that’s how any candidate wins.

We might like Trump or not, but no one can deny that Obama is not unbeatable and can be hit by an undeclared candidate.  Well played, Mr. Trump.


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April 27, 2011 at 11:38 am

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Assorted Bricks: Olbermann & Matthews and Tech Freedom

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So, PMS-NBC got rid of Olbermann, shipping his sorry liberal posterior to the nether regions of obscure TV.  And I think it was one of the best moves that MSNBC made.  Hey, I’ll give credit where due. 

So he releases a video on Al Gore’s very uninteresting Current TV, telling us all that Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the same title of the schlock show that got decimated by just about every show on FoxNews and CNN (and probably even the commercials, late night programming – even the dead space did better than Olbermann’s Countdown).

So, in response I say, yeah, so what.  Olbermann’s career is about as lively as an underwater migrating sponge, although I give the sponge more intelligence, particularly now that Olbermann is on Algor’s Glo-bull Warming network.

As Olbermann attempts to resurface with some sort of relevance, Matthews gets hacked by Pat Buchanan, citing a lack of journalistic integrity.  And this is interesting because Buchanan was on about the fact that the liberal media is covering up the entire birth certificate controversy and it was Matthews that even said for Obama to just show the certificate and silence all the silly birther nonsense.  

And the circle keeps rotating.

Now, onto this little bit regarding technology freedom.  It steps beyond the realm of conspiracy theory that there are technologies that get siloed and boxed in favor of controlling the marketplace and stifling innovation.  Perhaps it’s an appeal to popular thought that says that there are cars out there that can get 500 MPG or that there is some sort of nifty transporter technology that no one is talking about.  But this article speaks towards the problem with science, innovation, copyright, intellectual property and how the burning desire to make money is limiting our ability to innovate.  While this kind of thing may be a progressive thing for me to say, the truth cannot be denied – the fight for intellectual property has extended to the point where innovation is controlled by profit margins. 

But I also take issue with something that Jesse Jackson Jr. also said a couple weeks ago.  Turns out he was all in a huff over how the Apple iPad was killing jobs by putting publishing companies and newspapers out of business.  Yet, he is the same clown who said it would be a good idea for the federal government to provide an Apple iPad to every schoolchild.  Not sure what he means by that, but I wonder if he is still the kind of guy who believes the covered wagon manufacturers got slighted when Henry Ford started cranking out Model T’s.

Oh, did I mention Olbermann sucks?

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April 26, 2011 at 7:05 pm

Competing Liberal Views

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Liberals sometimes never cease to amaze me.  Not in the amazing as in the positive impressiveness, but the amazing as in, just when I think liberals can’t get any more dumb, something like this occurs and…well, I’m amazed.

To wit, the Washington state legislature is considering a bill, introduced by the Democrats, to impose a tax on electric-powered vehicles.  Essentially, by citing things like road wear-and-tear, the Democrats are thinking they need to impose an annual tax on cars that don’t use gasoline.  Of course, gas-powered cars pay for their fair share of the wear-and-tear at the pump, each time they fill up.  But electric-cars, well, not so much, since they get plugged in every night.

On the surface, you would think this is actually an equitable solution because it’s “only fair” and the lib-crats are all about imposing their definition of “fairness” on the population by virtue of big government.  But this one works against the liberal environmentalist mantra of trying to reduce the dependence on petroleum.

Now, while I don’t advocate this, since I don’t want to be accused of giving the lib-crats any ideas, there is a way to achieve the same objective and “have their cake and eat it too”.  What if they imposed that additional tax on all of us evil petroleum users and give their electric cars the advantage of tax-free operation?  After all, the iron rules of economy:

If you want more of something, you subsidize it.

If you want less of something, you tax it.

So, effectively, by the Washington state assembly advocating the taxation of electric vehicles, they are saying to the world that they are willing to have more taxes at the expense of losing their effort to eliminate the need for gas-powered cars. 

One lib-crat ideal in competition with another lib-crat ideal.  Amazing, right?

Yeah, me neither.

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April 23, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Michelle Obama’s Love Affair

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Yeah, okay, this title is a little sensationalist, but hey, whenever the Obama’s are concerned, hey, it’s all good.

So, remember this little ditty back from the Campaign?  It’s the reason why we call Michelle “First Time” around here at TRC. 

Because there is no other reason to be proud of the USA other than because Barack is running for president, right?

So now, she chimes back in a few years later and makes this statement, “I want to embrace the country that I love.

I kinda wonder if she’s going to say the same things when she and Barack are packing their bags to head back to Illinois in Jan 2013?  She may want to start loving all over us, now that she realizes that the US isn’t the mean hurtful country, the picture of which would be the constant subject that Rev. Jeremiah Wright would paint on the Sunday mornings that the Obama’s attended church back in the day (unlike now where they’re not attending unless it’s fashionable to do so).

So it took her over forty years before she was actually proud of being American and then three years to get to where she just wants to give a great big hug.  So what’s next? 

Maybe I don’t want to know.

I feel squeamish now.  *shudders*

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April 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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Word of the Week: Feral

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Feral – Existing in a wild or untamed state. Having returned to an untamed state from domestication.

This week, three news stories came up, all of which had our word of the week – feral.  Kinda strange that feral critters are making the news, but hey, I think Barack Obama is good with that, with all the bad press he continues to get.

1) Feral Chickens Roaming in New Orleans – Since Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans, folks in the 7th Ward have had a new problem to go along with all the cleanup and rebuilding efforts – chickens at large.  Turns out, these barnyard fowl are most probably escapees from backyard coops and now are roaming free, clucking and making noise with each passing day – particularly at sunrise when the roosters start crowing.

I do have to say, the last line of that article was choice:

People there tend to see the chickens as a sign of hope for New Orleans. They’re certainly a symbol of the tenacity of a city that was badly served at its neediest hour. No matter what else, life remains. Even if it clucks and tastes good deep-fried.

That’s just the way I like my hope…battered up and served with that special blend of herbs and spices.  Yum.

2) Feral Pigs Ransack in Texas – Meanwhile as the chickens run rampant, turning the Big Easy into a great big chicken coop, feral pigs are tearing through Dallas-Fort Worth.  Turns out some four million hogs are ripping through Texas, destroying peoples’ yards and wreaking havoc on neighborhoods.  Ft. Worth won’t let people shoot them and trapping them is next to impossible.  Animal services won’t help. 

I don’t know, if it were me, I’d probably get in good with the local butcher in town and work on my bow hunting skills or invest in a good silencer.  They also gotta think – legal costs vs. costs to repair damage.  And I’m sure the insurance companies won’t be really excited to have to pay out for claims, looking for that ‘feral animal’ clause in the homeowner’s policy.

3) So there is a new abattoir standing up in Port Pirie in Australia that plans to sell 100,000 camels to the Middle East.  Evidently, the prairies in the Land Down Under are becoming quite populated with feral camels, so this slaughterhouse will be taking care of them and selling the meat to the Middle East and other places as an export industry.  I dunno, but camel burgers just don’t appeal to me much.  The Australian Agriculture Minister though is thinking win-win.  They get rid of an environmental nuisance and the create jobs.

I think this guy is onto something.  Maybe Texas can start exporting pork, New Orleans ships out chickens and we have one hella-big barbeque, say either in Kansas City or Memphis.  Sound good to you?

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April 14, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Michelle Obama’s Pep Tour

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Today, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are in Colorado Springs, dragging her entourage around at probably a pretty high cost to American taxpayers, to Fountain-Ft. Carson, on the south side of Colorado Springs.  Why are these two here?  To support military families, right?

What a joke.  If Michelle really wanted to support military families, she should tell her husband that he was wrong for electing to not pay the military during a government shutdown over keeping Planned Parenthood from collecting their due.  Instead, she’s going around talking about how much the military inspires her.  Is that just happen to be a follow-on from her actually learning to be proud of her country?

So, amidst all the fan-fare that surrounds the news, the real news is from the comments of those in the Springs, specifically parents who were told to keep their youngsters home because they didn’t fit the look and image.  Now we all know that the White House determines, in advance, the kinds of people, the numbers, and the like come to these things.  This tells me it’s only really about politics and trying to bolster Obama’s image in the eyes of the military.

But again, these comments caught my eye, amidst the scores of hate comments from the locals shooting at each other.

  • My kids go there, my daughter was one of the few selected to actually be in the same room. My son, well he was asked not to come today because, well quite frankly, he didn’t fit the profile of the community they are trying to portray. haha what a farce.
  • This is NOT an equal opportunity for students. Students/parents were NOT picked "at random". I know some students were "excused" and "given the day off" or simply asked "not to come". (High risk? Behavior?)Only 10% of students will actually meet her, the rest will see her by video broadcast (YAWN)and will be sequestered in the gym or cafeteria for two or more hours (yeah, that will work well). I assure you teachers won’t be teaching; students won’t be learning. They are only scheduled to be in 3 classes today for 10 minutes each and lunch won’t be served until 12:30 to 2:00. Nothing will get done today but I’m sure those 60 "random" students" will enjoy it.

I kinda wish I knew what students got selected – which kids were good enough to be in the same room, which ones were sent to watch the thing in the cafeteria or auditorium via camera feed and which ones got a school-sponsored day off.

Interestingly, Jamie Hyneman, the beret-sporting star of Mythbusters  was Michelle’s opening act.  However, some students were more interested in seeing Hyneman then they were in seeing the First Lady.  Perhaps because Hyneman does real work for a living and can still entertain the American people, versus Michelle who really does neither. 

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April 14, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Getting Into Harvard

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It used to be a little more difficult to get into Harvard in the past.  It used to be you had to work hard, learn Latin and Greek, as well as master high school mathematics, history, and geography, and a myriad of other subjects.  In fact, Slashdot came published a link to

Harvard Entrance Exam from 1869

I guess this girl, who is a talented vocalist and keyboardist  (perhaps enough to do American Idol if she loses the dopey goo goo goggles and hat), has a different idea.  Grace Oberhofer, who has been waitlisted, decides to take a couple of minutes and sing a little ballad about her love and devotion to Harvard, promising never to..ahem…urinate on a statue?

I can see it now, nerdy chick with that slightly “deer-in-the-headlight” look, capturing the hearts of Americans who want us to all hear the plight of the rigors of getting into a school that used to only admit people for ministry.

She won’t pee on your statue, promise!

Didn’t that just stir your hearts?  C’mon Harvard, you elitist dopes, let the nerdy chick in.  She loves y’all and she’s using her primal screams to tell you that!

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April 13, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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