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Assorted Bricks – Death-Crazed People and Libya

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I guess today, being All Fool’s Day, would be a day for fake news stories and humor over the absurd.  But folks, I can’t make this stuff up, so it’s all 100% true – unfortunately.

1) Katherine Windels – Sheesh, this chick has some serious issues.  She’s an elementary teacher in Madison, Wisconsin and has been charged with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts of sending death threats to GOP lawmakers.  I guess she really isn’t a big fan of seeing the unions be stripped of their collective bargaining rights (which by the way, we love here at TRC).  Now, take a look at her profile at Peek You – nice looking gal, in a field, picking the flowers…who knew that she would take a page from the ol’ Al Qaida playbook in her statements of, “I hope you all have a good time in hell” and “"Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks”.  She threatened bombings and putting “a nice little bullet in [their] heads”.  

And she thought she could get away with it because she used a fake e-mail account and her parent’s computer.  And she’s a teacher??

Wow.  I can just see a day in her classroom:

Krazy Ms. Kathy: Alright kiddies, today we’re going to practice our spelling and phonics.

Kid: Teacher?  Did I spell this right?

Krazy Ms. Kathy:  No Timmy.  Remember Mr. Silent “B”?  Well, he’s at the end of this word…B-O-M-B

Another Kid:  Do you like my picture, Miss Windels?

Krazy Ms. Kathy:  Oh Sarah, it’s beautiful…I really like the blood splatters you put on Gov. Walker’s tie.  You’re so creative.

I think it’s also quite ironic that the Attorney General, a Democrat, is the one pressing the charges.

2) UN Killings – Since we’re on the topic of death-crazed people, today, in the Afghan city of Mazar-I-Sharif, as many as twenty people have been killed, two of which beheaded, in outrage over the burning of a copy of the Qur’an, the Muslim scripture book.  (sorry, but I refuse to call it “holy”).  US Pastor Terry Jones last year threatened to burn a Qur’an in public display during the anniversary of 9/11 but relented after half the world started going nuts about it.  Well, last Sunday, he carried out his burning and a Qur’an was torched. 

Big whoop.  Burn all the Qur’ans and what happens?  Nothing, except a bunch of oversensitive Muslims find another way to vent their anger over their less-than-happy lives.  This past week, a few hundred angry Muslims took to the streets in protest.  Whatever.  But it got out of hand and people started dying.  Now we have a crime – not because some hick-town preacher burned a Qur’an, but because twenty people have lost their lives in murder.

I mean, c’mon people, it’s a BOOK, an object of paper and ink.  I have a Bible on my table, another on my PDA, another on my laptop.  All three have the same power, not because of how the words are displayed, but the fact that they ARE displayed.  If Muslims burn my Bible or my Flag, or whatever, what do I do?  Do I go out and start killing Muslims?  No.  I go get another flag or Bible.

Thing is, you cannot burn the Bible or the Qur’an or the flag or whatever, because these things are IDEAS, not OBJECTS.  If you burned a Bible or a Torah, what did you do?  Did you destroy the idea?  No.  All you did was burn an object.  God does not ask us to worship the Bible, but revere His Word.  Those that revere an object, no matter what it actually represents, are guilty of idolatry.  Christians don’t worship the cross.  They worship Him who was slain on a cross – the symbol reminds them of that fact.

3) Libya – Can someone please tell me what side of this little quagmire we are on?  First we hate Qaddafi, then we are alright with him.  Then we hate him again.  Then NATO wants him gone, but then a US admiral makes it look like he can stay.  Then the world hates him, so we start thinking about arming the rebels.  But yet, the rebels have elements of Al Qaida and probably the Muslim Brotherhood.  Sheesh.   Who are we fighting again?

We haven’t flip-flopped this bad since 2004 with John Kerry’s voting record.  Oh well, another way that Obama has set himself ahead of his Democrat peers.

Didn’t President Bush back then say that either you’re for us or for the terrorists?  But now, we’ve figured out how to truly do the remarkably impossible – we can be for us AND the terrorists.  We can play both sides of the whole Libyan thing and the only ones who truly win is the Chinese (since we’re probably borrowing from them to finance this shindig.)

My opinion, stay the heck out of it, let the Libyan’s decide for themselves what they want and whether they are willing to die for their freedoms and then, if we don’t like the outcome, then we deal with it then. 

Well, stay rabid my friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 1, 2011 at 11:45 am

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