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Word of the Week: Feral

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Feral – Existing in a wild or untamed state. Having returned to an untamed state from domestication.

This week, three news stories came up, all of which had our word of the week – feral.  Kinda strange that feral critters are making the news, but hey, I think Barack Obama is good with that, with all the bad press he continues to get.

1) Feral Chickens Roaming in New Orleans – Since Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans, folks in the 7th Ward have had a new problem to go along with all the cleanup and rebuilding efforts – chickens at large.  Turns out, these barnyard fowl are most probably escapees from backyard coops and now are roaming free, clucking and making noise with each passing day – particularly at sunrise when the roosters start crowing.

I do have to say, the last line of that article was choice:

People there tend to see the chickens as a sign of hope for New Orleans. They’re certainly a symbol of the tenacity of a city that was badly served at its neediest hour. No matter what else, life remains. Even if it clucks and tastes good deep-fried.

That’s just the way I like my hope…battered up and served with that special blend of herbs and spices.  Yum.

2) Feral Pigs Ransack in Texas – Meanwhile as the chickens run rampant, turning the Big Easy into a great big chicken coop, feral pigs are tearing through Dallas-Fort Worth.  Turns out some four million hogs are ripping through Texas, destroying peoples’ yards and wreaking havoc on neighborhoods.  Ft. Worth won’t let people shoot them and trapping them is next to impossible.  Animal services won’t help. 

I don’t know, if it were me, I’d probably get in good with the local butcher in town and work on my bow hunting skills or invest in a good silencer.  They also gotta think – legal costs vs. costs to repair damage.  And I’m sure the insurance companies won’t be really excited to have to pay out for claims, looking for that ‘feral animal’ clause in the homeowner’s policy.

3) So there is a new abattoir standing up in Port Pirie in Australia that plans to sell 100,000 camels to the Middle East.  Evidently, the prairies in the Land Down Under are becoming quite populated with feral camels, so this slaughterhouse will be taking care of them and selling the meat to the Middle East and other places as an export industry.  I dunno, but camel burgers just don’t appeal to me much.  The Australian Agriculture Minister though is thinking win-win.  They get rid of an environmental nuisance and the create jobs.

I think this guy is onto something.  Maybe Texas can start exporting pork, New Orleans ships out chickens and we have one hella-big barbeque, say either in Kansas City or Memphis.  Sound good to you?


Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 14, 2011 at 10:35 pm

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