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Michelle Obama’s Love Affair

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Yeah, okay, this title is a little sensationalist, but hey, whenever the Obama’s are concerned, hey, it’s all good.

So, remember this little ditty back from the Campaign?  It’s the reason why we call Michelle “First Time” around here at TRC. 

Because there is no other reason to be proud of the USA other than because Barack is running for president, right?

So now, she chimes back in a few years later and makes this statement, “I want to embrace the country that I love.

I kinda wonder if she’s going to say the same things when she and Barack are packing their bags to head back to Illinois in Jan 2013?  She may want to start loving all over us, now that she realizes that the US isn’t the mean hurtful country, the picture of which would be the constant subject that Rev. Jeremiah Wright would paint on the Sunday mornings that the Obama’s attended church back in the day (unlike now where they’re not attending unless it’s fashionable to do so).

So it took her over forty years before she was actually proud of being American and then three years to get to where she just wants to give a great big hug.  So what’s next? 

Maybe I don’t want to know.

I feel squeamish now.  *shudders*


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April 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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