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Trump Beats Obama

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I’ve not been really much into the entire birth certificate thing and, really, there hasn’t been much to the story as far as The Rabid Conservative has been concerned.  But I do find it amusing that, after all the yammering from Orly Taitz and World Net Daily, what has been produced is already being torn apart as a fake.

Which brings us to The Donald.  No one can now deny that Trump was able to do something that Ms. Taitz and the host of the birther movement was unable to do – get Obama to show his long form birth certificate.  With the poll numbers blowing up against That One, well, it stands to reason that this whole thing was win-win for Trump.  If Obama didn’t release the document, then Trump can continue to press the issue and demonstrate that Obama has things to hide.  If he releases it, then Trump can claim the win and say that he was able to force the Bam-ster’s hand. (not that it was an overly big deal for Obama to do this, but it makes one wonder what the big deal was)

This is huge for Trump because he can use this to say that he doesn’t need to use the government’s bureaucratic machine to get something done – he can rally the people.  Granted, Trump has a pretty big bully pulpit and can connect with the public, more than most in this country, but that’s what it’s about.  That’s how Obama won in the first place – and that’s how any candidate wins.

We might like Trump or not, but no one can deny that Obama is not unbeatable and can be hit by an undeclared candidate.  Well played, Mr. Trump.


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April 27, 2011 at 11:38 am

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