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Internet Explorer’s Slow Bleed

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Microsoft has announced Service Pack 1 for Office 2010.  Not other wise important news unless you are really concerned with keeping your computer up-to-date with Microsoft’s latest fixes.  But what is most interesting to me is that SharePoint 2010 is now to officially support Google Chrome.

I find that amusing because of what I heard, directly from Microsoft, just a few months ago.

I was sitting in one of those Microsoft solutions seminars several months ago and the topic of SharePoint came up.  For those that don’t know, SharePoint is a web platform from Microsoft that is designed to create rich websites for content management and document management purposes.  These sites are geared towards an enterprise with a lot of content to share with its internal and external masses.  Pretty cool tool, but as I was looking thought the list of supported browsers, I saw: Internet Explorer (naturally, but I hate IE9), Firefox (not a fan), and Safari. 

Question mark…Safari?  Why did Microsoft go with the fruit browser?

Another question mark…what about Google Chrome?  So I asked the Microsoft rep that was there, “Why no support for Chrome?”  The guy replied, “Because Microsoft is not going to support a browser that only has a single digit percentage of use.

I’m not sure what stats this dude was looking at, but I pull my stats from the W3C Browser Statistics page.  On that page, Chrome was sitting at over 20% usage where IE was at 28%.  Today, Chrome is actually running second now behind Mozilla Firefox.   Safari is hovering around 4%.  In other words, Microsoft’s initial decision to not support Chrome in SharePoint was not based on statistics, but a direct competition to try to keep Chrome from gaining dominance. 

The even bigger question with all of this is that no matter what Microsoft does, Internet Explorer seems to be on this 10% per year slow bleed.  Where IE crushed Netscape out of the market during the Browser Wars, now IE is beginning to fade away much like Netscape did.  Microsoft has released the second preview of IE 10, but I’nm beginning to wonder if IE-X is going to be the last browser that Microsoft actually does.  With Firefox and now Chrome firmly in the 1-2 spots of the Browser race and IE winding down to the low 20’s, perhaps Microsoft got the idea that discounting nearly a fourth of the browser population would be bad for SharePoint’s business.

Nothing political in this post, but it was amusing to see, given that I got an entirely different take from others within the Redmond camp a short time ago.

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June 30, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Playing for Keeps

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So I was playing the original Mass Effect on XBox360.  Yes, I know I’m behind on the times in my gaming but everything else getting in the way of gaming, well, I miss all the good fun I used to have back in my X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter online game days.


So, there is a part of the game where Commander Sheperd is talking to Tali and she is describing her government procedure.  In it, she details that there is a council of admirals – five of them, that actually have the power to override the power of the Conclave – their representative government.

However, to put that override into action, the admirals have to vote unanimously and they all have to resign after the decision is made.

My head started churning, "What if….what if…"

Since we occasionally have situations where the courts are hearing cases which could lead to the overturn of state constitutional law, how about this:  The federal courts could overturn something in a state constitution, but the decision would have to be unanimous and all the justices on the court would immediately have to resign their seats on the bench if they voted to overturn that law.

So, I wonder how quick the courts would be to overturn a constitutional rule if they knew that, in so doing, that would be their last decision – they would leave the bench immediatly upon the gavel fall.

I believe that most rulemaking needs to happen at the state level and that, in general, we should govern at the lowest level possible for all matters.  States have ceded much of their power to the federal government, which, to me, is horribly overreaching.  And the courts have gotten too far into the business of lawmaking through judicial fiat. 

I wonder how capricious our government would be if someone had to actually stake their job on their decision.

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June 30, 2011 at 9:00 am

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Confronting a Time-Honored Grad Tradition

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A Chicago school district is mulling a dress code for graduation.  I guess they aren’t too pleased with what students are deciding to wear under their robes these days.


Wooo!  I’m Going Commando!

It’s been a time-honored tradition for students who are basically outrageously minded to come to graduation wearing the stuff that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing – or not wearing, to graduation.

Since the graduation robe covers everything from neck to mid-calf, it’s left to the imagination what the person is actually wearing under their robes.  It’s been a pretty much a forgone that students are supposed to dress conservatively, in business attire, for their graduation ceremonies, but there’s always the one who decides it would be better to wear Bermuda shorts and sandals, a Metallica t-shirt, or go wearing just the unmentionables.  Some, well, good thing the robe covers everything.

But this school district now is having a problem with a number of students who decide that wearing hot pants, 6-inch heels, or G-strings.  Yes, this article seems to be targeting female students, since I don’t know of too many guys who are going for 6-inch heels or a g-string, but we get the gist.

I thought this line was particularly funny:

"Morals do start at home, but in the event they’re not at home, the school district needs to uphold them."

Wow.  This is pretty bizarre coming from a school district.  I mean, if one would take a walk through a regular high school on a ‘normal’ day, it’s amazing how much skin is revealed.  But worse though is the use of the term ‘morals’.

Morals and morality are things that cannot be taught apart from religious principle, because all morality starts with religion.  Whether or not a person opts to accept the object and purveyor of that religion, namely God the point is that morality did not come from man – it came from God.  Because of this, it seems inappropriate now for a school district to call for ‘morals’ when they have no right to dictate morals because what is moral for one is not moral for another (since there is no God allowed to set the record straight).

Now I’m not advocating for loose morals and inappropriate dress at graduation exercises, but no school can create a code based on morality on one hand and dissing God on the other through so-called establishment clause mythology.

Now I know some of you liberals out there will tell me that I’m all wet with this notion of having morals without God, but I’ll say this.  Morals have to come from somewhere and that somewhere has to be infinitely more wise and powerful than we.  Either we acknowledge that they come from God, or we believe that we made them up, making us our own god. 

School administrations taking the role of God…seems to me that’s what schools want, right? 


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June 25, 2011 at 8:41 pm

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Planned Parenthood Fund Cuts Being Felt

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…but not hard enough for my liking.

It’s amazing how much the media makes Planned Parenthood to be this great women’s advocacy group, even though the greatest majority of the money they pull in goes to fund abortions.  I wrote about this and got into a comment fight with some idiot Brit on the topic a couple months ago.

While I already know that “Federal funding for abortion is illegal”, the basic idea is that the government money goes to Planned Parenthood’s operational costs and not abortive activities, while taking the money they make from other services and abortion to fund more abortion.

To put it another way, it’s me like having a lemonade stand and selling cookies on the side.  My dad tells me he will pay for my lemonade supplies but will not pay for me to buy cookies to sell.  So, I take his money and buy my lemonade supplies, and start selling cookies from the direct profits that I make from the first round of sales.  Since Dad continues to subsidize my lemonade costs, all revenue brought in is pure profit that I get to spend on either making my lemonade stand better…or on more cookies that I can sell.

So no, the government doesn’t fund abortion.  However, it does contribute money to organizations that are in the abortion business.  At least Medicaid money goes away from the equation.

The last paragraph of the article:

Student Nicole Robbins, 31, a Medicaid recipient, intended to visit an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood clinic Tuesday to pick up birth control pills. The end of funding, she says, makes her "feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place."

I have a pretty low-cost solution to Ms. Robbin’s birth control problem.

It will only cost one of these:

Simply place it between the knees whenever the desire to have sex comes on.  It’s even reusable and works every time it’s tried.

Promiscuous sex can be a costly venture so I say those that do it should front all the costs, rather than through government subsidy,.

Source: USA Today

Written by The Rabid Conservative

June 21, 2011 at 7:53 pm

Wisconsin Teachers Getting Gripey Again

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Today from Wisconsin – more noise from the teachers:

More than 100 Green Bay teachers dressed in red packed the School Board meeting room on Monday to say they feel betrayed by a recent school district directive that would require them to work longer hours and lose planning time.

Dressed in red?  I wonder if this graphic applies in the minds of the gripers.

Translated, this means, “course by course, we build a nation”.

The Green Bay School District recently sent a memo to teachers indicating they would be required to work an extra half-hour a day and would lose planning time to make room for staff and other meetings.

I’m not overly enthused about being a teacher and going to meetings.  Most of the meetings that I sit through when I teach are mindless drivel that talk about corporate profits by the mother corporation or about how good of a job we’re all doing and how we need to make sure our attendance and grades get turned in on time.  Makes me want to take a nap.  I wake up during the parts about how the Department of Education is getting more and more into the business of education – like government involvement in education is a good thing.  In fact, it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I hear some of the crap that comes out of the Washington spigot.

Personally, teachers should work a regular day like everyone else.  But if they are griping over 30 minutes a day more, sheesh.  Cry me a river, would you?

This brought teachers — many emotional — to the School Board, saying they feel betrayed that they weren’t first consulted about the changes. Many said morale among Green Bay teachers is low and expressed worry these changes could be the tip of the iceberg.

The problem doesn’t stem from an administration having to make changes within their schools, it primarily comes from a government that forces these changes on administrations. Lately, Department of Education has been adding more regulations, more requirements, more meddling into how schools do their work. It surprises me that the teacher unions and teachers themselves get upset, since these are the very self same things that they voted for when they put progressivism and liberalism into the government. The administration has to comply with DOE or they get in trouble and these silly staff meetings are part of it.

What’s funnier is that the teachers, for as smart as they are, don’t even see it. Instead, they gripe and moan once again.

Source: Green Bay teachers upset by change calling for more work hours, less planning time

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June 21, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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Congrats to Iran – They Are Over 60 Years Behind

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So this week, we got the word that Iran was looking to put their first ever monkey into space, this summer.

Perhaps they think that if Curious George can go to space, then they can put one up there too.


Maybe they’ll use this monkey:

By the way, where the heck is PETA in all of this?  There has got to be something wrong with a backwards Islamic country like Iran shooting animals into orbit.

By the way, the US put the first one into orbit back in 1948.  So hats off to the Persians, although they are still over half a century behind.

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June 18, 2011 at 10:17 am

Dems Attack – Because They Can’t Defend

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From the Washington Times:

In the past month, Mitt Romney has delivered a widely panned defense of the health care legislation he signed as governor of Massachusetts and been the constant target of national Democratic attacks – and also has seen his poll numbers rise and his status solidified as the best-positioned candidate to win the GOP nomination and take on President Obama.

Makes sense.  They got to start attacking the GOP front-runner because their front-runner is about to have his butt handed to him in the 2012 election.  It’s always been conventional wisdom that if your candidate sucks and you know he/she sucks, rather than keeping him from sucking less, you make sure his/her opposition sucks more.

Sorry Lib-Crats, but nothing is going to cover up the broken promises, the lack of hope and change bill-of-goods that was sold to us during the 2008 race.  No amount of blaming-it-all-on-Bush will convince the American public that Barack is any different than any other stupid liberal politician with his Keynesian economics, socialism lets-all-work-together-ideals, and failure to deliver on all the promises given.

Can anyone defend Obama and the Democrat record on anything? 

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June 9, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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