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AOL-HuffPo – Fail

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That one wasn’t that hard to call, folks.

Back in February, I wrote about this and I wasn’t alone in my opinion that the merger between HuffPoo (send ‘o’ intentional) and AOL would be the undoing of both organizations.  The SF Chronicle article goes into it with much more insider detail, but the way I saw it, AOL was hoping to get more energy back with the inclusion of HuffPoo’s traffic.  However, Arianna was more hoping that AOL would just get gobbled up into her liberal empire.  Mergers rarely come out even and Huffington’s go-go boots are walking all over AOL.

Reading the comments below this article, it’s interesting that its going both ways.

Oh well. 

I’m bored, again.  It’s that feeling that comes from mentioning Arianna Huffington.

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June 6, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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